Top Apps to Watch Movies Online in 2019


Until recently, to watch the latest movies, you would have needed to visit the cinema or pay for a cable subscription but, these days; more and more people are using other methods of streaming movies to their mobile devices. A quick scout in the iOS app store reveals that there are a lot of movies streaming apps, some paid and some free. Sorting out the best ones can take time, so we did it for you. Below are the apps we think are the best for watching movies on your iPhone or iPad.

Tubi TV – Free

Tubi TV offers viewers a decent catalog of movies, all free and all categorized into different genres. You also get the option of filters such as Featured Movies and Most Popular Movies to browse through. All the movies are of high quality, run smoothly, and all offer subtitles. Create an account, and you also get the option of creating a watchlist and screencasting.

PopcornFlix – Free

PopcornFlix is another free app that offers a great choice of content, all free and all categorized by genre. You can also see at a glance any new movies added since you last logged in. The app also offers exclusive content in the form of PopcornFlix Originals. All movies are of high quality, and the movie player is smooth with plenty of features. You also get the option of streaming TV series too. You can download the app from TutuApp Store.

Yidio – Free, Subscription Option

Yidio is a little bit different because, rather than providing the movies for you to watch, it will point you to other free movie streaming apps. There are some free movies available and, because they take their content from other sources, they have a huge catalog. They also point you to paid and subscription movie apps, but it’s your choice whether you sign up or not.

Sony Crackle – Free

There is no denying that Sony is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, and Sony Crackle maintains that reputation. With one of the largest catalogs of free movies, it offers classics and the latest blockbusters. It is easy to use and, although it is ad-supported, the ads don’t interfere too much. You can also watch TV shows.

SnagFilms – Free

SnagFilms offers users a great choice of documentaries and indie films, including a decent choice of critically acclaimed indies. It is a simple app to use, and the movies are of high quality, but they are ad-supported. These are not too intrusive, though. Don’t expect to find the latest films here; SnagFilms offers indies and classics, none of the new releases.

Pluto TV – Free

A streaming app paced with features, Pluto TV packages offers users a choice of free TV channels, live movie channels, and free movies and shows. There are also other channels with free content too. The player is smooth, and most of the free movies offer the option of subtitles. If you create an account, you can even customize the app.

Vudu – Free

Another ad-supported movie app, the Vudu catalog is one of the largest, offering a huge choice of movies. The app is updated regularly with new content but, although you can browse what is on offer, you do need to create an account to watch anything. Vudu also offers a movie rental system, giving you the choice of free ad-supported movies or paid movies with no ads.

Viewster – Free

You might think that Viewster is a YouTube alternative when you first start using it, but there are plenty of free movies on offer. The interface is clean and user-friendly, and all movies are sorted into genres. You also get the option of choosing the video quality and whether you want subtitles or not. Each free movie has a comments section, and the app also has a movie blog included. Creating an account gives you the option of personalizing the app to your taste.

Be aware that some apps are limited by region and may not play in your country.

With so many movies streaming apps on offer now, it’s hard to find the best ones, and you can end up wasting a lot of time searching. The apps above have been tested, and all do exactly what they say they do and are well worth a look.




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