Top Apps to Watch LIVE Cricket Online in 2019

Love cricket but not at home enough to watch it? With so many tournaments going on, it can be gutting miss watching your favorites, but now you don’t need to. There are several apps that offer you the chance to watch cricket on your mobile apps. You do need an internet connection but, with a decent data plan, there is no reason why you can’t keep up with the latest scores and watch the action wherever you are.

With mobile device usage at an all-time high, it’s no wonder there are so many streaming apps available these days. It can be time-consuming trying to find the app that will meet your streaming needs, so we did some research and found 7 apps for watching live cricket on your mobile device.

Hotstar TV App:

Hotstar is a live TV app supporting several different TV and sports channels. The only downside is that it does use a lot of data s0 either use a Wi-Fi network or make sure you can connect to a 3G o higher network as there are no guarantees it will work on 2G or lower. All the tournaments and matches are available on the app.

Hotstar is a free app available for download on TweakBox Store for iOS.

Star Sports Live Cricket App:

Star Sports is the official app for live streaming of your favorite cricket tournaments, as well as several other major sports tournaments and matches. Again, it does require a high level of data usage so don’t use it on anything lower than 3G although you can pick up scores on 2G.

Star Sports is free to download and use on your iPhone and Android devices.

Tata Sky Mobile – Subscription required

This app requires you to subscribe to Tata Sky. If you already are subscribed, simply download the app and sign in with your details; if not, you will need to subscribe first. Once logged in, you can watch the live TV channels you are subscribed to including the sports channels showing the latest cricket tournaments.

Dish TV Live TV – Subscription required

As with Tata Sky, you do need a Dish TV subscription to watch this app. Simply sign in with your account details or, if you don’t have one, you can create one in-app easily. Again use Wi-Fi or 3G and higher to watch all your subscribed channels, including the latest cricket tournaments.

Sony LIV:

Sony LIV is a subscription-free app, offering a huge choice of all the Sony network channels. You can watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and, of course, sports channels streaming live cricket tournaments. High data usage means it requires Wi-Fi or 3G and above to work properly.

Sony Liv is a free app to download and use


Live cricket commentary is available in English and in a choice of other regional languages, and the app also provides live score updates, video analysis, and ball-by-ball scores, updated regularly. It uses very little in the way of data and will work on 2G or above easily. It is more a scores app than an actual tournament or matches live streaming, ideal if all you want is updated.

Cricbuzz is a free app

ESPN Cricinfo:

This is the official ESPN cricket app offering all the latest scores, player info including statistics, breaking cricket stories, exclusive written, audio, and video stories, and a whole lot more besides. It is a high data usage app so don’t try using it on 2G or lower – it requires Wi-Fi or 3G and above for the best experience.

ESPN Cricinfo is free to download and use

If cricket is your thing, then any one of these apps will offer you what you need, be it the chance to watch the tournaments live, wherever you are, or just keep up to date with the latest scores. Not all of these apps will stream all tournaments or matches, so do check before you download that the app is offering what you want. All work on iOS and Android devices.

Check the apps out; see which one works best for you. Do be aware that they may be regional and may not all work in your country or region.

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