Top 7 Tricks to Attract More Clients to Your Restaurant

Do you want to start your restaurant business in Toronto? That’s a good idea! Drive a car around the city to meet the best-visited restaurant spots – Terroni and Burger’s Priest. Toronto is a place where everyone feels comfortable. It’s not about the easy food only. You can feel high service and special attention at every step. Thus, you can take a manual transmission car from rental Toronto if this driving style suits you the most. Every your demand is important! And no doubts, local restaurants serve the best food in the world! How to make people know that your restaurant is the best? There are many tricks on how to attract clients to your eating restaurant business and make them come back. Apply these tricks and you will see how fast your business will grow.


  1. Hand outsmart flyers

Of course, every restaurant should have special flyers, informing people about their special events, prices, menu changes, and happy hours. The restaurant owners used to waste money on general flyers. Instead, it would be more effective to create so-called smart flyers. What’s the difference? This is a flyer with one simple message about the upcoming event in your restaurant. Give people some time to get prepared for the event. It can be an informative flyer with a sale coupon. The sale can be up to 20% for desserts or appetizers, or whatever you want. Don’t make fresh flyers every week. It is not professional and too fast to get profit from your promotion. You’ll see benefits only if you organize new promotion every month or two. If so, there is a sense to spend money on flyers.

  1. Find business partners among locals

It doesn’t mean you have to share your business. It simply means you should contact with local offices, big corporations for partnership. Start with the companies on your area. Many of them will like your proposal to deliver business lunches for their workers, organize meetings, and arrange birthdays. It would be great to find many of them to work on a regular basis. This can increase your restaurant profit monthly and regularly.

  1. Give tasty discounts

Discounts often attract people. Giving them tasty discounts, bonuses, you attract more people to your restaurant and get their loyalty. The most effective discount is at least 20% off. Also, 2 for 1 deal is attractive. Think of giving people free desserts or appetizers, sales for big companies. Well, you will find many restaurants at south beach Miami that are giving offers and discounts.

  1. Make a profit from happy hours

What is the sense of happy hours? Of course, this is the way to attract more customers to your place for dinner or lunch and boost sales. Lunchtime can be the slowest part of the day. People can easily miss this meal, waiting for dinner with friends after work. So, you have to do something to invite people to your restaurant for lunch. How? Make them the most attractive dinner proposal. Of course, drink and appetizer are free. Also, your clients can share the price for dinner or get a dessert as a pleasant bonus for free. Search this topic on the internet and you can find out many interesting proposals you can give to your clients for happy hours.

  1. Serve national and popular holidays

Valentine’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s eve can be a good motive to gather people together in your restaurant. These are the best opportunities to take advantage of national and sports holidays, big cultural events. People always look for a place to celebrate New Year’s eve with their friends or colleagues. Tasty dishes, a new menu, good music, and bonus wine will draw their attention. Of course, you need a flyer or some other sort of promotion to let them know what to expect and why your restaurant is the best place for dinner.

  1. Serve own events and master classes

You can try to organize cooking classes for kids and adults. It can be chocolate making or wine tasting, anything. Just arrange a meeting, but the price, give instruments, friendly atmosphere, free drinks and fruits. This is your chance to attract more people to your eating place and make them stay and come back again.

  1. Send birthday cards and e-mails

It is important to remember about your clients and love them. Let them think they are special clients. People always look for a good place to arrange their birthday parties. If your menu is good and the service is excellent, they may pick your restaurant for celebrating. Of course, you can draw people’s attention by giving sales, organizing interesting programs and various menus. But never forget about your special clients when they are not here. Send them a birthday e-mail and they will always come back to your place.

The restaurant business is very profitable if you live with it. It is not enough to find a good place and buy high-quality ingredients. It is important to learn more about client-oriented service and do all your best for making your client happy. And remember, the Customer is King, especially in your restaurant.

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