AroundMe VS CityMapper: Which App Is Better For Finding Your Way Around the City?

Do you like traveling? It would be great to go somewhere and spend your weekend with your family or friends. Do you think it is worth your time? If you were a traveler in the far old days, it would be risky to travel alone or go to a city you’ve never been to before. What if you felt hungry? What if you missed your way? What if you spent all your money and couldn’t find any help in a new place? It’s really scary to stay in a new place far from home hopeless and helpless. Experienced travelers know that if you miss your train you can go here and rent a car in the fastest way. Road trips are popular our days.

This is not the last help you can get from your phone! The more modern and upgraded your smartphone is the more help you can get from it. Do you prefer iPhones to any other telephone brands? It’s ok! You can download even more interesting and helpful apps for the iOS platform. Some of the apps work well even if you are out of the Wi-Fi zone. So, there are applications helping to book a flight, rent a vehicle, and find the nearest restaurant. But the first app you should download is a kind of find-the-right-way app. These TWO are the most widely used among Americans.


If you need to get over the city or even between the cities you can use this app. Do you think your favorite Google Maps is much better? Of course, at first, you should check if the app runs well where you live or in the city, you are going to travel to. The app was specially created for iPhones, otherwise, it wouldn’t be effective. How does it work? The app consists of three main tabs. They are City, Go, and Near. Tap City and you will get detailed information about all travel options available in the city. If you pick Go you can build up your route through the city in your own way, considering all the interesting places you want to visit. Just define the start and endpoint of your journey and add many more stops one by one. What about the third option? Near simply shows you the nearby locations and all objects on it.

Sure enough, the application helps much in transportation. It helps you to build up your travel route in the most comfortable way. You can plan as many stops as you want and check if all these places are really good to stop there. But if you want to read a restaurant menu or learn prices, you need to download another application. Remember, CityMapper is only about transportation! Is it really better than Google Maps? Of course! The app shows you the way and informs you about time and rates! You will never feel confused or nervous because of the high transport rates and canceled routes.


According to the app’s name, it helps to find out what interesting is going on near you. The application interface consists of many buttons. Each of them represents the things and activities you want to find nearby in the city. It can be any of the city objects like the nearest supermarket, cash machine, or free parking spot. Just make a selection and enjoy the results. If you know nothing about your location and have no idea what museums you can find here, just circle the city district you are in and get information about all places to visit. There is a big advantage of this app in the face of the others. You can see not only the list of worthy places but all the useful information about them, including open hours, contacts, and even pictures. You can look through the list of restaurant chef dishes and read the cinema bill.

You can face two versions of this app. The free version runs good but slow. You have to wait up to 15-20 seconds to follow the page of one or another city object. So, speaking about AroundMe advantages, the app will surprise you with its simple interface and detailed information about certain objects.

These apps are different in their mission. The first is good for getting around the city and the other gives you much detailed information about where to go and what to see. But there are many travelers who are fond of Google Maps or Foursquare. They are used by travelers over the years. Their reliability has been proved and already checked. However, you should try something new, with more useful functions and options available. These apps are more than a city map. They guide you to find good food, reliable transport, and an enjoyable vacation. Get the most out of your iPhone!

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