Top 5 Best Sniper Rifles of the Modern Day

The selection of a sniper rifle for hunting can be confusing, if not absolutely scary. There are a multitude of calibers and brands and along with all of those brands are numerous models for each brand and caliber. You can expand your options by searching for reviews of other types of rifles from Exile Machine and other gun sites, but if you’ve settled on getting a sniper rifle and want to know which one to get, this list will make your decision-making a little less daunting.

#5 Heckler & Koch PSG-1 (Germany)

Action: Semi-Automatic

The PSG-1 fires 7.62×51 NATO rounds (.308 Win) at 2,848 feet per second. It shoots typically at sub-MOA accuracy. This aspect of the PSG-1 was the most surprising and pleasing thing about it. It is not typical for a semi-automatic weapon to hold such a tight pattern. This makes the PSG-1 the best semi-automatic sniper rifle of all, and it gets the number 5 spot on my list of all sniper rifles.

#4 Accuracy International L96 (United Kingdom)

Action: Bolt-Action

The L96 won out in a close race over the Parker-Hale M85 for the standard issue rifle of the British Army in the 1980’s. It is capable of pinpoint accuracy even as low as .5 MOA or lower depending on the ammunition used. It generates 2,790 fps muzzle velocity, and can achieve tack-driving accuracy at 600 meters.

#3 United States Marine Corps M40A3 (United States)

Action: Bolt-Action

This rifle is handmade by the armorers in Quantico, Virginia, home of the Marines. The M40A3 generates 2,550 feet per second muzzle velocity. These rifles have an effective range of 1000 yards, and shoot an excellent .5 MOA. It is rugged and durable, and very easy to maintain for one man. This rifle is arguably the best standard issue military sniper rifle ever produced.

#2 Tactical Operations Tango-51 (United States)

Action: Bolt-Action

This rifle may well be the best 7.62×51 rifle in existence. It fires at approximately 2,800 feet per second. But, the best aspect of this rifle is its astounding accuracy. It is guaranteed to shoot at least .125 MOA, but there are several testimonies of it shooting sub-.125 MOA. On top of that, the Tango-51 is known to be very easy to maintain and handle on your own. It has been made popular by law enforcement and special forces.

#1 Cheyenne Tactical M200 Intervention (United States)

Action: Bolt-Action

How special is this rifle? A specific cartridge was made specially for it, even before the rifle was made. Lost River Ballistics created a low-drag long range round, the .408 CheyTac. This bullet, plus the deadly sub-.125 MOA accuracy of the M200 gives this rifle the effective range of 3,000 yards. Muzzle velocity is clocked at 3,500 feet per second, and the muzzle foot-pounds is 8,295. That’s bone crushing power at unfathomable distances! This rifle is truly the long sought after balance between accuracy, distance, and sheer power.

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