Top 5 Best Question Games For Lovers

  1. Truth and dare game questions

We all have played the truth and dare game, it was considered as one of the best games to play with your friends at parties or get together’s. The craziness of dare and those blushing faces when we ask them about their crush can never get old. From asking them about the embarrassing question to literally make them do embarrassing stuff right at the moment is just fun and exciting. Be crazy with your friends and have a fun time. We strongly advise you to play the truth and dare game and open up your memory jar with your friends and make some new ones. 

  1. Would you rather game questions

Have you heard of this game? Well, there is a strong chance that you have and played it too. And if you haven’t played yet well, you should. In this game, you can ask the person what will he rather have while you give them two completely different and crazy choices. For example, you can ask them what would they rather have between two people or the situation. It may look simple at first but it can be super fun. So next time you go to a gathering with your friends don’t forget to play this game.

  1. 20 question game

This should be called a long trip game. Most people play this game when they are on a long drive with a friend. It is fun, it is excited and it will certainly make you know more about the other person. You may never realize how much you wanna ask the next person and how different that person is from what you thought about that person. You can play this game with your new friends or even better when you are on a plane, bus or train you can play this with cute strangers. Ask them funny questions or dirty questions whatever your choice is you will definitely have fun knowing that person.

  1. Paranoia game questions

It is a tricky game that is played at sleepovers. The rules of this game are simple where you whisper a question in the ears of the next person. And then he/she would tell the answers out loud. Remember your question should involve something that has to do with the person sitting in the room( may or may not). For example, you can ask the next person who do you think is the funniest/cute guy, then the person will answer the question. After that, you all can flip a coin which will decide if you can tell them your question or it will remain a secret forever. Here is the list of paranoia questions

It may sound tricky at first but should definitely try this one.

  1. Newlywed game questions 

It doesn’t matter if you have known the person for years before your marriage or you have married the person after only 4 dates, the newlywed feeling will be there and you will feel a different kind of rush and excitement. So you can always try out some newlywed games that will boost your wedding romance and make it a more beautiful experience! 

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