Top 14 Reasons Why Video Content Marketing is the Way to Go


Marketing has come a long way. It gives marketers a shareable medium to reach the audience. Video content marketing with meaningful content and creativity can be widespread on social media platforms with minimal cost. Video content marketing helps in engaging the audience and encourages them to know more about the products and services. With the help of advanced technology, video marketing has become affordable and can be easily spread across. There are various online portals like InVideo that helps marketers create video content ads without much of a hassle.

Below are 14 reasons why one should start with video content marketing right away:  

1. Increases Conversion and Sales

Our brain functions much faster when we are looking at pictures, as vision is our most powerful sense. When the audience watches a video with pictures and content, they are more likely to act on it and improve turnover. A video ad will definitely have more views and conversion than a static picture or content ad.

2. Brand Awareness

People normally remember a brand message through videos they have watched as compared to static ads they have seen online. A small video on how the company functions or what is that they do will help the audience have a better insight into the company. Videos trigger brand recall and thus, increase brand awareness.

3. Clarity on Product and Services

No matter how much description one can write about a product or service, a video can make the audience understand the product in a faster and detailed manner. People are keener to look at the video about a product than reading texts.

4. Increases Engagement

A video with relative content keeps the audience engaged. Good content can capture a wide audience. They would want to see more and would keep coming back to the website.

5. Encourages Social Sharing

The audience generally loves videos more, as they’re informative and easy to understand. When someone likes a video, there is a high chance that they will share it across.

6. ROI is better in Video Ads

A video provides a good return on investment. The investment in making a video is not expensive anymore. Online video makers like InVideo help in creating videos at less investment cost and the return of a good video content ad is much higher. If the video is shared by many people, then the business will start getting organic results.

7. Helps in Building Trust

Trust is an important factor when it comes to sales and customers. When the audience is given enough information and detail about the product, it is most likely that they would come back to buy it. A video content ad also helps in authenticating the product, and this makes the audience assured that the seller is legit and not a fraud.

 8. Increases Chance of Showing Up First on Google

When the audience watches a video, it increases the time they spend on a website, and this sends a signal to the search engine that the content online is relevant. This helps in boosting the search engine rank, and the website is likely to show up first on Google.

9. Video Marketing Increases Audience

The number of smartphone users is growing by the day. People enjoy browsing and watching videos on their phones. When a video is posted, it increases the audience and the number of views. The increased audience would directly affect conversion and sales.

10. Attract Influencer

A good video content ad would attract influencers, and they would want to post your videos on their social media handles. People are more likely to buy products or services suggested by influencers as they are more reliable and relatable.

11. Audience Attention

By telling a short story or sharing customer experiences on video ads, marketers can capture audience attention. One can get as creative as possible using various tools from portals like InVideo, and create ads that would engage the customers to a great extent.

12. Personify Your Business

A video ad can help marketers bring out the work process of the business to the audience. Marketers can let people have the experience of how they and their teamwork to get the end product to the market. People would love to know more about the work that happens behind the scene, and this would also help build trust for the brand.

13. Unique and Creative

Video content encourages marketers to be unique and creative. It gives the brand a voice, and marketers can use real-time techniques and create ads that would make the brand stand out.

14 . Less Time, More Information

With so many competitors, it is difficult to get the attention of the audience for a longer time. With video ads, information can be delivered quickly and effectively.

This is the most effective medium of marketing to reach a wide range of customers around the globe. It’s time to start creating videos and attracting the attention of audiences.




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