Time and Attendance Software & Their Importance


The challenges that the modern workforce can face at Advance Systems is the diversity of conditions. These problems or challenges can be tailored with Time and Attendance Software solutions to suit your company’s specific needs.

Time and Attendance Software offers you organization, efficiency, Improve productivity and stay in control of your growing workforce.

Time and Attendance Software can help you easily track the employee’s time of coming leaving on the clock. It erases the need for paper or manual attendance on the sheets.

Control labor cost and save money

According to research, companies that do not operate their systems with Time and Attendance Software usually overpay employees by 1.5% to 10%of gross payroll due to time theft and error drove calculations costing a company billions of dollars each year.

The Time and Attendance Software helps a company to eradicate calculations.

Eliminate Employee Time Theft

The new feature to Time and Attendance Software is the biometric system. This new feature eliminates the employee’s time theft.

Suppose if an employee is wasting 5 minutes per day, the new Time and Attendance Software can reduce the Time Theft Error by applying the new features.

If a company has hourly employees and the Time and Attendance Software can help you to record the time-in and time-out of your employees. For this purpose, the software should be unerring which means that employees should not overpass it or make proxies.

Some software also has GPS location on the business smartphone to track and record the time spends by the employees in the office.

How to Evaluate the Time and Attendance Software

One should look for affordable options while evaluating the Time and Attendance Software that should eliminate the timesheets or a time clock.

Let’s take a look at some options

  • Attendance and Leaving Tracking– These tools determine when an employee took leave and when he/she marked the attendance and also maintains the leave balance.
  • Reporting– This helps in useful reports to help manage your workforce, like overtime reports
  • Mobile Application– This helps the easy way to inform the employee’s and managers about their performance
  • Hourly & Salaried Staff– This help in determining and managing time for both worker types
  • Price– The price should be low or free that just take up to few dollars per month/employee
  • Time Record– This helps in recording the start and stop times as well as breaks
  • Cloud Facility– This tool helps the user to determine their leave and work time on the mobile phone.
  • Labor Law– The software should comply with the labor law like overtime, etc.

What If You Have Hundreds of Employees

Some software charges $1/month to $10/month which is quite a huge amount for small businesses. But some software only charges $40/month even if you’ve hundreds of employees.


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