5 Tips to Maintaining a Tankless Water Heater


To ensure that you get value out of a tankless water heater, you need to carry out routine maintenance and use it successfully. That is not hard to achieve. First, you have to know how your tankless water system works and the routine maintenance schedule.

Regular maintenance on your tankless water heater should be carried out after 6-24 months, depending on the hardness of the water. Primeheaters has more details about the maintenance of tankless water heaters. To get rid of minerals collected from the water. Removing lime prevents damage from occurring in your unit.

Here are five tips you should apply to maintain your tankless water heater.

1)Switch Off Power

Safety comes first. When you are thinking of sprucing your water heater, according to ddcountermeasures.com, you must switch off the power. Switching off the power will shut down the main gas or electric line, breaking the circuit.

2)Switch Off the Valves

A tankless water heater usually has three valves that connect to a tank. These valves have different colors, blue, and red, and the last one can have any color.

The blue valve supplies cold water while the red one supplies hot water. The third valve supplies water into the house.

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3)Remove the Purge Valve

You can quickly identify the valve since it has a ‘T’ shape. By removing it, you are reducing any pressure that is inside. You should take caution and remove the valve slowly to prevent water from shooting out and burning you.

4)Connect Hose Lines to Valves

. You can connect the hose line to the 3 valves that you had disconnected. If your heater does not have a supply line, it is a good idea to get one from a reputable dealer. You must refer to the manual to ensure that you get to connect the first time correctly. Now, after you have set everything, you can flush the heater.

5)Choose a Gentle Agent for Cleaning

Proceed by opening the purge port by twisting them to an open position. You can then get rid of minerals using regular water and soap. Remember to use gentle cleaning soap. You can use 3 gallons of white vinegar to wash the system. Repeat this as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Please do not use any harsh chemicals because they will cause damage to your heater leading it to malfunction.

Once you are through with purging, take out the housing and connect the pipes back, respectively. You can now restart your heater following the manufacturer’s operational manual. Let the water run out for a few minutes to get rid of air in the system. That is all it takes to maintain your tankless heater.

Remember to perform this maintenance regularly, and do not forget to read the manufacturer’s manual before you start flushing, especially if it is your first time.




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