Things to remember before applying bail bonds service

We never want to hear the news that someone from our family or a friend gets arrested. If, in any case, it happens, the very first thing we need to do is to get that individual released from the jail immediately. But, if you are facing this situation for the first time, how would you deal with that? There are various bail bonds service providers available out there who will help you in arranging bail as soon as possible. 

But, if it’s the first time when you are arranging bail for someone, then, it’s important for you to know all about bail bonds before applying bail bonds service. You should research well and consult with reliable and best bail bonds Houston. The professional and experienced bail bonds agents will perform the right course of action in terms of bailed someone out from jail as soon as possible. Meanwhile, check out the below mentioned different aspects of the bail bonds process to make an informed decision. 

  • Bail Bonds

The incredibly helpful bail bond is a set of some fixed amount that somebody must pay to get his/her relative or friend out of prison. That amount sets after 48 hours of someone’s arrest. After depositing the bail amount, that individual can be freed from prison under specific conditions. If in some cases the bail is not paid, then the accused will have to stay in prison until all their court hearings. The bail amount will only be returned if the defendant attends all court hearings. Otherwise, the bail bond amount is non-refundable.

  • How do bail bonds work?

A judge issues release to any defendant only when he/she meets the bail conditions. The defendant then submits the bail amount at the court and acknowledges all the terms & conditions related to the process. Usually, the bail amount is beyond the bank balance that an average person may have. So, in such a case, they have to hire a bail bondsman or a bail bond company. The best bond company like Mobile Bonding Company pays the bail amount from the defendant’s side. An agreement will also need to be signed by the defendant that he/she will uphold their legal agreements with the court.

So, a bail bond that you take from a bail bondsman is a kind of short-term loan that the bonds agent pays to the court on your behalf to get the defendant released from jail.

The bail bondsman will charge a specific portion of the bail amount as a fee in exchange for their services. They may likewise ask for a statement or agreement to assure they will receive the remaining portion of the bail amount, in case the defendant doesn’t meet the commitments. So, all in all, you must have enough balance to get that criminal defendant bailed or you can also hire the cheapest bail bonds in Houston to get discounts in the bail bonds process. 

  • Bail Bond Procedure

When somebody known to the criminal offender hires a bondsman, the bondsman will then file the case. The bondsman will gather some information regarding the accused like his personal information, his address, business background or employment info, etc. The bondsman gets such data so as to find out should he proceed to give the defendant his services or not.

As soon as the bail bond agreement is signed, the bond agent will then submit the bond at the station where the accused is being held. After then, the accused will be released. This bail bond process can be finished within a couple of hours after the criminal accused has been booked. After the completion of specific parts of the defendant’s booking procedure, the bail will be addressed along with a thorough background check and fingerprints. The accused details will be documented in the prison catalog and then will be sent to the prison.

  • Types of Bail Bonds

The most widely recognized types of bails are surety and cash. A surety bail bond is set for extreme criminal offenses, similar to lawful offenses. These are higher bail amounts and frequently involve an outsider or bondsman. However, a cash bond implies that you pay the bail bond amount in cash only. Sometimes this can end up more costly than a surety bail bond because of the whole amount being essential. 

  • Assets that can work as Bail Bonds

Best bail bonds Houston will give you a lot of options that will act as collateral. Usually, anything that works as an asset or worth a similar amount of money to bail is acceptable. The items that you can use as collateral include Property, Vehicles, Stocks, Bank Accounts, Jewellery, Credit Cards, etc.

  • Bail Bond Amount is Non-Refundable

Yes you heard that right, the bail bond amount is non-refundable and you’ll not get any of your money back. If you have hired a bail bond agent, the bond amount you paid will be charged in exchange for their services. In case you had chosen a cash bond you will get a part of that back after your punishment. Your bail bond amount will go towards charges you accumulated during the court procedure. This could incorporate fines, public defender and court charges, etc.

  • Different Bondsmen Charge Different Prices

Usually, all bail bond agents will ask for only 10% of the bail bond amount. These bail bond charges are set by local state statutes and regulations. So, there may be a little bit of different depending on your location. If a bail bond agent is charging you more than you think they should charge, then, contact a competing and cheapest bail bonds Houston service provider. 

  • Complete Responsibility for showing up the defendant to court

Before choosing to sign a bail bond for your relative or friend, you must understand that you will be responsible to pay the bail amount if they will not show up to court. Suppose the judge sets a bail amount of around $10000. If the defendant appears at all the court hearings, then, you will only have to submit the 10% to 15% charge for the accelerated bail bond processing.

And, if, in some cases, the defendant does not appear for the court dates, then, you may have to pay the full bail amount. At that point, you can decide whether you should sign their bail or not.

  • Choose the best Bail Bonds Company in Houston

If you are worried about a family member or friend and want to help them out, then, you must choose the right Bail Bonds Company. You need to make this important decision fast. Prepare some questions to ask the right bail Bonds Company before hiring them. 

These question should be like; what will be the circumstances when you would put someone back in prison?, What are your terms and conditions of submitting the bail bond? What are your hours? Are you available 24/7? etc. These queries will help you a lot in case you are dealing with such a situation for the first time. 

Learn all about mobile bail bonds

Nowadays, there is a buzz regarding the mobile bonding company in Houston. Basically, mobile bail bonds deliver bail paperwork to you anywhere, anytime. This will be incredibly helpful as this is the fastest and highest rated bail bond service in Houston and several other surrounding countries. They are the cheapest bail bonds in Houston! You can learn more about mobile bail bonds before applying bail bonds service.

  • Final Thoughts

Hope the above-mentioned points will prove to be a great resource for you to understand the bail bond process. If you still have some doubts, connect with any professional and best bonding agent to know more about the process. Also, make sure you know complete information about the criminal defendant before consulting a bail bondsman company such as where they are held, their full name, and booking number.

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