The Top 5 Types of Packaging Material to Consider


Regardless of whatever industry you work in, there’s always competition, and there are not many things as important as recognizability and uniqueness. Your brand has to be instantly recognizable to your audience, and the best way to do this is to start with product packaging.

Your product package might not seem like a big deal, but ultimately it’s the impression your consumers get of your brand. A different, special, and innovative product package is sure to leave an impact on your customers and leave them coming back for more.

So, before you can decide on the perfect package design that will fit your brand, you’ll need to decide on its material. Here are five of the top product packing materials you can choose from.

Paperboard Packaging

Paperboard can be better described as thick paper rather than cardboard and is an affordable, easy-to-design option for most companies that are starting out on their journey. Though it lacks in rigidness, it makes up for it in flexibility, making it easy to modify, cut, and fold into various shapes with a variety of colors.

It is a paper-based material that feels lightweight while still being durable. It is made with a fibrous material obtained from recycled waste paper or wood. It is an ideal option for most brands that need personalized packaging for their products.

Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging is what most people are talking about when they say “cardboard”. It is very commonly used for shipping and exporting products of all types. Many fast food items like pizza are also delivered in corrugated boxes. 

Corrugated packaging comes in a wide variety of different types depending on the durability and strength of the material. It consists of multiple layers: an outside liner, an inside liner, and a corrugated medium. The corrugated medium is ultimately what gives it versatility and rigidity. The material already comes shaped and ready to be constructed by hand, which is incredibly time-efficient. You should consult with a packaging expert like Mitchel Lincoln to see if corrugated packaging is right for your business.

Rigid Packaging

Rigid boxes are the style of packaging typically used by premium brands that sell smaller items like wristwatches, jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics. A good example of a brand that uses this type is Apple.

In contrast to paperboard or corrugated boxes, rigid boxes are among the more expensive types. They are made from a highly condensed paperboard material that is about four times thicker and more durable than a regular folding carton. They are beneficial for importers because of their high customizability and glossy, sleek exterior.

Plastic Packaging

Although plastic gets a bad reputation in the media because of its environmental impacts, its practicality and versatility are highly unmatched. Plastic can be used in basically everything and anything. It has mostly taken over, leaving traditional materials like glass, wood, and leather far behind.

Plastic was made to be used as packaging. Its no doubt that its durability, strength, long shelf life, and resistance to moisture and dirt are ideal for any importer. Another huge reason why plastic is such a popular packaging choice is its ability to exhibit and display the product placed in it without manipulating the material.

Chipboard Packaging

Chipboard packaging is another type of paperboard and is made of reclaimed paper instead of wood. Aside from being made of recycled material and highly sustainable, it is easily manipulated like paperboard and is relatively inexpensive.

Chipboard is typically used in industries that involve electronics, foods, beverages, and medical supplies. Since it’s made with lightweight material, it’s not suitable for heavy materials. Chipboard is popularly associated with cereal boxes, tissues boxes, and the packaging of several kinds of snacks.




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