Broadway Shows are Shutting Down Because of Several Positive COVID Tests


Due to some positive cases in Covid tests, several Broadway shows have been canceled already. Lots of popular shows, like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, Freestyle Love Supreme, and so forth, have been canceled.

These shows are likely to resume after this situation is sorted out. But for the time being, there won’t be many Broadway shows running.

After being closed for about a year and a half due to Covid, the production of Broadway shows was returning to normal. However, that didn’t last long. Immediately after opening, they came to a halt because of positive Corona cases all around.

This surge of show cancellations has had a huge impact on the financial status of the productions of Broadway shows. For instance, a show that brings in about $1 million every week, goes through a loss of $125,000 for a canceled performance. There is hardly any way to recover from that.

Things get worse when these shows are canceled on weekends and holidays, as these are prime time for Broadway shows. Also, New York has a reputation for being the capital of arts and culture. So, when the Broadway shows come to a halt like this, it has a major impact there as well.

Despite the financial loss, no production wants to take any risk with Covid. They don’t want to put any of their members in the production through the likes of the Coronavirus. All the production companies say they want to make sure that any potential problem is avoided during this period.

Currently, Broadway is following all the health guidelines regarding Covid-19, very strictly. They are not playing any shows without a vaccinated crowd. Even with that, it’s compulsory to wear a mask to attend these shows.

These regulations aren’t just limited to the audience. This goes for the production members and everyone on the set as well. All the performers and members of the production team need to be vaccinated to participate in the shows.




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