The top 3 new strategies you should try in LoL for 2020

Season 10 in League of Legends has already started earlier this year and the game is still changing constantly every two weeks thanks to new updates which make the game still interesting in 2020. The LoL players have now started to play ranked games and they are looking to climb the leaderboard. We are going to see some new techniques that seems to be successful this year.

Check what elo boosting can do

LoL elo boosting is something that the players are doing in a professional way since there are many requests in this field. Indeed, some people often need a LoL boost for different reasons. It could be a simple help while you are losing several games in the same day, or it can make you stay in your elo while you are away for weeks. Now those boosting websites are more and more serious because it became a real business in League of Legends. So if you are not good enough or don’t have time to play LoL, you maybe want to try to gain elo without any more efforts.

Use the new tools

In case you really want to improve by yourself, there are so many tools now like the Blitz App that it’s now quite easy to find new ways to pick and build your champion correctly. It also gives a lot of statistics about the strength and the weaknesses of the different lanes so you can adapt your play style in each game. These advanced tools are available to use at any time, but you need to open them before the game starts. However, it is mostly useful for beginners who don’t know much about the game. If you are already at an high level, you will know most of the information given by those tools, but you can still notice details you didn’t know before.

Ask help to a coach

New platforms appeared recently in League of Legends community to become a coach or to be coached by an expert of LoL. With them, you can directly talk using Discord or Skype and also play together to learn how to be more impactful in your games. This way, you can see in live what are the optimal movements you are supposed to do on the map. The only disadvantage is that you need to find the right coach who knows exactly the role you usually play and it might take a long time before you can fully understand how to play the same way.
Usually, to see a significant progress in terms of ranking, people had to learn the game by themself. if you still see a massive improvement in your rankings after that, your last choice might be to use a LoL boost.

In all those strategies, there is no doubt that an LoL elo boost is faster than anything else. But it’s all about how much effort you want to put in League of Legends and obviously how much time you can invest into it. League of Legends is a difficult team game and if you are not patient, you may be disappointed about the results you are making.

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