The Road to Fitness: Exercising for Better Life


In this modern time, there is nothing more important than our health. The coronavirus pandemic has made sure that everyone will be aware of this. Even though reports say that only the young and old are more affected, the statistics seem to be saying otherwise. This means that you should still be aware of the virus, no matter your age or status in life.

Food plays an important role in this process. Some studies like one this article say that it comprises 70% of your entire fitness regimen. People can lose a lot of weight by just changing their eating habits. This has also led to the creation of diet fads with varying degrees of success. However, there is one aspect that should always accompany your food choices.

Why Move Anyway?

Exercise may only compose 30% of your entire fitness as studies suggest, but it is still vital to the whole process. For one, it is responsible for keeping your metabolism in check. It will help in processing all those nutrients that your body has taken in. Also, it aids with excreting excess water through sweating. This also helps in regulating your body temperature. 

However, there are so many people in the world who do not like doing it. After all, it takes effort and not all of us like to do physical activities. It is tiring as well, even though our body does need it to balance out everything else. The world that we are living in right now is not conducive for someone who wants to exercise. With time being an issue, it is no wonder that many people cannot exercise at all.

You may be wondering where to start yourself. Well, sites like Fitness Brain have been promoting and helping people for their physical welfare and well-being using a more portable approach. Most of us do have an internet connection these days, and it makes it easy to learn about the things that we want. However, this does beg the question: How can you motivate yourself to exercise?

The Starter Pack for Physical Fitness

1. Start Doing It

There is nothing scarier than starting something that you do not want to do. With exercise, it seems to be so much worse since many people are preoccupied with their thoughts. 

Will people laugh at me for running like this? 

I think this is dumb. I will just get fat anyway.

This is such a useless activity.

These are just some of the more common thoughts regarding exercise. Some might have these as well because of their psychological issues. However, we have one answer to all of that: DO IT ANYWAY. As long as there is no one stopping you, the reality will make you realize that you are the one stopping yourself anyway. So get on with the clothes appropriate for physical activities, wear the right shoes and start doing the physical activity.

2. Scheduling is Vital

Another important thing that you need to know is how to schedule it. People these days are becoming busier even with the pandemic going on. However, this is a poor excuse not to sweat and burn some of that fat. Muscular dystrophy is a real condition, and it can happen to those who do not move as much in life. 

If you are having trouble with time management, try to do the exercise in just 15 minutes. It could be anytime, as long as it is not close to bedtime. The ideal time would be after you have woken up, but many people do not have a fixed schedule for their responsibilities. This 15 minutes of physical activity can be enough to improve your mood as well.

3. Embrace the Routine

One of the main complaints regarding exercise and related activities is routine. Some can get tired of it because they need to do a lot of repetitions. It is a part of the routine, and you should be able to embrace it if you want to truly change your life. You may not have noticed it yet, but everything that you do is already repetitive in the world. Having another routine should not make not that much of a difference.

4. Progress is Minimal, but Over Time

You also need to remember that this is a process. The ideal body and healthy life is not something that you can get in an instant. You need to work hard for it, and there are a lot of sacrifices that you need to do before you can attain them. Always remember though to prioritize your mental health as well, as your conditions would also bleed down to the physical ones.




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