The Perfect Smile With Invisalign in Singapore

Having a beautiful smile attracts people. All the best actors, actresses, singers and models, are showing their perfect smiles on the glossy magazines as well on the screen. They all chose to invest in their smile to gain popularity or remain attractive.

Why is it essential to have a beautiful smile?

I always tell myself that I probably do not have the same priorities as some people… I sometimes see them with expensive clothes, designer shoes, and very expensive handbags, but why do they not invest in their smile?

There are many reasons to maintain a beautiful smile:

  • Be socially attractive,
  • Keep a youthful appearance
  • Maintain good self-esteem (the smile gives self-confidence)
  • Keep a good diction (you can’t pronounce well with missing teeth)
  • Project an image of opulence, of wealth (missing, stained or decayed teeth reflect an impression of negligence)
  • Avoid dental pain and cavities such as caries

Everything I know about you by looking at your smile

Singapore is now the Asian beauty hub and is becoming the international cosmetic and glamour mecca. We have met with some of the best dental hygienists and doctors in Singapore, who see a lot of mouths and smiles every day.

Working in some of the best Singaporean dental and beauty clinics, these orthodontist experts can get a lot of information about a person only by looking at their teeth when they speak or when they smile.

To give you an overview of the importance of taking care of your smile, here is what people could learn about you when they see your teeth and smile:

  • Your social status … and you know the importance of social status for every aspect of life
  • Your eating habits and what you ate
  • The importance you place on your appearance
  • The care you give to your hygiene in general
  • How much money you have invested in your oral health and aesthetics as well as have an idea for the rest of your body
  • Your smoking habits, as well as your drug/alcohol problems
  • Your age

… and I surely forget some of them.

The best smile and teeth specialists in Singapore

Dentists take care of teeth, and orthodontists are dentists specialized in the aesthetic and functional alignment of teeth.

Teeth Alignment and Whitening in Singapore

Everyone would like to have straight and well-aligned teeth. And it’s not for nothing that we find it pretty: it’s convenient, especially for chewing well.

Well-aligned, the teeth then fulfill their primary function when you eat. It also prevents their self-destruction by the grinding of teeth leading to premature wear, and finally, it avoids headaches caused by teeth poorly positioned in their arch.

Another facet of the smile is that of color. But for whitening to work, you need a healthy enamel of a specific color and degraded. The dentist will tell you the chances of successful whitening. For example, a mottled grey enamel will not whiten as well as a yellow enamel.

Invisalign in Singapore: teeth alignment and perfect smile

to assume braces. However, there is an orthodontic method that allows the teeth to be repositioned discreetly and painlessly. These are the transparent aligners.

The Invisalign method is the best orthodontic treatment for adults. Discreet, efficient, and painless, it has many advantages.

What is the Invisalign treatment in Singapore?

Everyone has the right to a beautiful smile, but once you reach adulthood, it can be difficult.

The “aligners” were invented more than 20 years ago by the pioneer in this field: Invisalign. They allow dental defects to be corrected by wearing a transparent device that is almost invisible.

This method is mainly used by adults. It allows for a treatment of 6 to 12 months, depending on the patient’s problem. It works to treat overlapping teeth or dental advancement, and you can have the best Invisalign in Singapore, with DentalDesigns who are some of the best orthodontists in Asia.

Over the years, this practice has been refined, and today, it is possible to treat cases of very pronounced teeth malposition thanks to this process.

The “aligners” have the advantage of being a very discreet solution since the gutters used are transparent.

You may feel a slight difficulty speaking at the start, or a little discomfort with each change of gutter, but it quickly fades. Besides, it is a reasonably affordable treatment given its effectiveness and the benefits it provides compared to a conventional dental appliance.

How does the Invisalign method work?

To start your Invisalign treatment in Singapore, the practitioner will first take the patient’s dental impression. It will be used to design the gutters. They are first digitized, and then a virtual dynamic simulation will be carried out.

It is this method that differentiates Invisalign from other orthodontic treatments based on aligners, as the orthodontist to create a virtual 3D treatment plan. It is individualized and adapted on a case-by-case basis. However, you should know that if you have a dental implant present, aligners cannot be used as they cannot straighten an implant due to the nature of how they are installed.

This 3D plan makes it possible to monitor the progress of orthodontic treatment and the movements of the teeth.

How’s the treatment going?

For the process to work, the gutter must be modified with each change to be able to move the teeth and find perfect alignment gradually.

The orthodontist sets up a very precise calendar that must be respected by the patient. The latter must wear the aligners as long as possible so that the treatment works quickly.

Thanks to the technology used, we can see that the predictability of dental movements is now 85% reliable.

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