The Internet Is a Punter’s Best Friend


These days it seems like you can do everything online, from watching the latest movies to banking, doing an online business, and betting in online casinos and placing wagers on your favourite sporting events.

Australians have always loved to have a punt, whether it be on the lotto, prize homes, their favourite football code, and especially punting on the ponies.

Both the internet and mobile devices have made it easier than ever to put money down on a horse race or game of football. There are numerous apps you can download to your smartphone, making it super fast and convenient to get those wagers down in real-time, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

From a purely gambling perspective, maybe this ease with being able to place a bet is not such great news, but for the professional punter, or even the casual punter with some discipline, all this modern tech is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Let’s take a quick look at how the internet has transformed life for people who love betting on horse races, whether casually or as a fulltime income earner.

Information At Your Fingertips

To be successful at horse race punting – meaning actually making a regular profit from it – requires research and access to information to do that research. What better place to uncover everything an armchair punter needs than online?

Australia ha an overload of information on the horse racing industry online, simply because the sport has been popular here for the better part of two centuries. Just do a quick Google search and a whole host of betting sites and information sites regarding Australian thoroughbred horse racing will show up.

These sites not only allow you to place your bets, but they offer up detailed form guides, expert tips, great articles about the industry and more.

As an example, if you were wanting information on the 2020 Melbourne Cup race, all you have to do is check something like the Melbourne Cup horses page to get all the information you need on Australia’s favourite horse race in November. That’s just one example of where you can look. There are plenty out there.

Dig Deep On a Horse’s History

Some professional punters really like to go deep into the history of horses in a race. Rather than just looking at the most recent form, they want to learn everything they can about a certain horse, possibly even going back as far as where the racehorse was foaled and what its bloodline is.

Now not everybody goes this deep, but the point is, if you do, you can find a lot of this information online. This is a dream come true for punters who treat their wagering as a business, as you can really never have too much industry information to work with.

Successful punters are those who are both disciplined with their betting strategies, and people who are more than willing to put the time into doing thorough research.

Go Online To Confirm Your Selections

When you’ve come up with some possible selections for the day’s racing card, it’s always handy to be able to go online and check various sources to see if the experts’ tips line up with your own.

If they don’t, you might make adjustments to match up with your favourite tipsters. It’s also a good way to see which horses are most fancied by the experts. If they all seem to be picking the same horses, then there’s a very good chance these horses could figure in the placings.

It’s just another weapon to add to your betting arsenal to help make your wagering more profitable.

Discover the Latest Betting Strategies

Another key way the internet is so useful for the modern-day punter is in developing winning betting strategies and formulas. Many expert punters freely share their strategies online. Some even go so far as to document their progress and talk about any tweaks they’ve had to make to their systems.

Every punter needs good systems to be successful, and the internet offers up just about every possible strategy anyone could ever think of.




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