The Features of Power BI to Modern Businesses

Power BI is a business intelligence application that collects data from various software, applications, and other tools for non-technical business users. It then provides the users with a coherent, and interactive visualization based on the analysis of the information provided.

It might sound simple for now, but a Power BI training is needed to understand its entire system. can help you with this.

It uses a cloud-type server to compile and save the analyzed data. The Power BI Report Server maintains and publishes the data and reports for the companies.

There are two types of application available for now. The free version targets small to midsize entrepreneurs. Then, there is the Power BI Plus for large-scale owners which come with a monthly subscription payment.

Power BI is accessible both for mobile phones (Android, Windows, and iOS), and desktops. However, for computer users, ensure that Windows 10 is installed for the application to run smoothly.

How does it Work?

The process starts with the input of data using an online SaaS (Software as a Service) known as the Power BI service. Immediately, it analyzes the information provided and delivers an on-time business insight.

The insight usually consists of visual presentations like charts, and graphs to make it easier for non-technical people to understand the results of its service. The report is delivered and published on a server called the Power BI Report Server.

Everything that is on the SaaS can be viewed using the online and mobile application. And Power BI training makes the whole operation easier and faster to understand.

What are the Key Features of Power BI?

Microsoft invented Power BI and embedded it with data analytics feature to provide accurate data. It certainly is a software that makes the life of both business owners, and employees easier, when it comes to information analysis.

Power BI comes with potent tools and features that make it a must-have for every business owner:

  • The artificial intelligence feature can analyze data with its image and text recognition. Power BI can even create machine learning models with the use of automated machine learning capacities. Then, it is integrated with Azure Machine Learning.
  • Power BI features hybrid deployment support that enables its tools to link different data sources from Salesforce, and Microsoft among other vendors.
  • Its quick insights feature provides real-time and on-time information to the users. It even enables the creation of subsets and automatically the instilled analytics to new information.
  • Cortana, which is Microsoft’s digital assistant, is also infused in its services. Hence, users can utilize their natural language and access results. It enables anyone to inquire using their voice.
  • Developers are free to customize the appearance of the visualizations and reporting tools of Power BI. They are also allowed to import new techniques on to the platform.
  • The Power Query feature of Power BI enables the transformation, integration, and manipulation of large chunks of data into its web service. It allows sharing of reports, dashboards, and models across multiple platforms.

Everything would sound complicated as it is now, but business owners should now consider it as an integral part of their daily operations. It would improve tactics, or disprove any floating problems along the way with Power BI’s on-time analysis.

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