The Best Tuners for 6.0 Powerstroke

We’re saying it now: you’re making a very wise decision getting a tuner for your 6.0 Powerstroke engine. Not only will you save yourself a trip to the mechanic as well as a few bucks, but you can also improve your engine’s performance and increase its power.

But where should you put your money? With the tuners available in the market, purchasing your way to a more efficient and controllable engine can be daunting.

That’s where we come in! Without any further delay, here are our top recommendations for the best tuners you can get for your engine:

Superchips F5 Flashpaq Tuner

For drivers of Ford vehicles especially its Super Duty trucks, the answer is easy: get yourself a Superchips F5 Flashpaq Tuner. You can easily modify your car as you please with little worry that you are causing minor problems along the way. The calibration system is impressive and the built-in speedometers allow for seamless tweaking. It is definitely worth every dollar.

SCT 7015 X4 Power Flash Tuner

It pays to have a log of every modification made and a backup in case you need to revert to your previous configuration. The SCT 7015 X4 Power Flash Tuner is perfect in this aspect as it has a cloud system enabled. Besides monitoring glitches, the tuner can also reflect how effective a tweak is. Want to save yourself from potential headaches? The SCT 7015 X4 is your answer.

Edge Products 15003 Evolution

If you think you’d find yourself intimidated by the previous choices, get yourself this Edge Products tuner. Customers are singing its praises because of its user-friendly interface; fixing errors in your system has never been this easy. There’s no underestimating its intuitive design though. Through the 15003 Evolution, you can get your engine 100 and 200 more horsepower and pounds per foot of torque, respectively.

Bully Dog 40420-GT Tuner

Another highly reviewed tuner is the Bully Dog 40420-GT. Installation might take more patience than the others, but the improved fuel economy, custom tunes and code clearing more than make up for it. This tuner is also very versatile as it is compatible with various GM, Ford and Dodge models. Just how much it can improve mileage and pump power is different from one engine to the next though.

Livewire TS+ Performance Tuner and Monitor

This Livewire tuner will also make your life easier. There are preloaded tunes, real-time vehicle data and an adjustable interface that any driver would appreciate. Even though it comes with a display that is smaller than what we would consider a standard, you can easily monitor performance with a single glance.


You don’t always have to go for the most expensive option for your 6.0 powerstroke. Oftentimes, understanding how these handy tuners work goes a long way.

What works best for one model is not always the case for another, which is also worth considering. Familiarizing yourself with your engine should be the first step in optimizing performance and other metrics.

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