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When a student is assigned to write an essay, he or she may not know how to cope with it. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is obvious that you need some help. Instead of struggling with your writing on your own, you can purchase an essay on In this way, you will manage to submit your paper on time. However, there is one more way to come up with a great paper – it’s using an essay sample as a template.

Your work on the essay will be much quicker if you have an essay sample nearby. If you read the sample below, you will not only learn something new about the topic, but also about how to write a great paper. Students don’t always know how to cite sources properly, so the following example will help with that as well. If you want to write a good essay, check out this sample.

To What Extent Can Alexander Fleming, the Inventor of Penicillin, Be Considered as a Leader?

It takes a nobleman to become a leader. There are numerous traits that I believe are highly valuable in a leader, which leads a person to create a huge impact on mankind. I highly consider Alexander Fleming as a great leader not only because of his Nobel Prize award but for his passion, patience, and humility.

First of all, a great leader has to be passionate toward his craft and his people. When he discovered that the topical antiseptics they were using caused more harm than good, he knew he had to take action. His contribution to helping people during World War II by developing new and improved ways of fighting bacteria was explicit proof that he was putting others’ welfare first.

Secondly, a great amount of patience was what he needed to make his discovery, since technology and medical resources were some of the difficulties faced during his time period. He knew that good things take a lot of time and effort. Even though the discovery happened by accident, without this trait, he would not have discovered Penicillin, which saved countless lives in World War II and millions of lives around the globe.

Lastly, Alexander Fleming was humble enough to ask for people to help him in his discovery by recruiting researchers who would help him in the development of Penicillin and a team of scientists from the University of Oxford led by Howard Florey and Ernst Chain. It could have costed him losing the Nobel Prize by sharing the award with Florey and Chain, but revolutionizing antibiotics and saving lives was his top priority. True enough, he deserves to be known as one of the best leaders.

In our modern world today, where we can have almost everything in an instant, and people are encouraged to live autonomously, the traits of a leader are somewhat difficult to find. Most leaders today refer to themselves as CEOs and want their needs to be catered to by their subordinates, but in reality, it is the other way around. The leader is the one who serves their people and not vice versa. Passion, patience, and humility are the fundamental traits that an effective leader should have, and that is why I fully agree that Alexander Fleming is indeed one of our greatest leaders of all time.

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