The Benefits of Ordering Insulin from Canada


If you or a loved one have diabetes and lack access to affordable insulin in America, you will want to consider ordering insulin online from Canada.

The unfortunate reality is that insulin is becoming less accessible in the United States due to monopolies, high price tags, tight regulations, and other legalities. In Canada, however, insulin is far more easily accessible.

The good news is that you have options. You can order insulin from an online prescription referral service that teams up with Canadian pharmacies to make insulin more readily accessible.

If you are diabetic and unsure of how to access insulin easily and at a fair cost, consider the many benefits of ordering insulin from Canada when you live in America.

The Safety

Ordering insulin from Canada is a safe and secure process when you order using the right online prescription referral service. Order from an online prescription referral service like BuyInsulin that works with legitimate pharmacy partners in Canada to ensure your prescription gets filled accurately and safely.

The Selection

Order from an online prescription referral service that offers a wide selection of diabetic medication and supplies. Ordering online makes it easy to browse the available supplies and medicines and order products specifically suited to your individual needs.

The Price

The price tags attached to insulin in America have made buying insulin in the U.S. nearly impossible. There are only three insulin manufacturers in the United States, and they monopolize the market because there are no regulations in place that require them to cap their prices.

According to the CBC, a vial of Humalog in the U.S. retails for $300. In Canada, the same vial costs $32. These high price tags can be detrimental for people with diabetes who cannot facilitate these costs.

Many Americans can’t even afford to get a doctor’s prescription for the medication, while others take less insulin to make their prescription last longer. In fact, a2018 Yale University study revealed that one in four patients skimp on insulin.

Skipping your insulin or not taking the prescribed dose can have severe health implications and lead to diabetes complications. When you buy insulin online from Canada, you can get your medication at Canadian prices, when you need it.

The Convenience& User Experience

The e-commerce industry has made it easy to order just about anything online, including insulin. To order your insulin from an online prescription service, all you need to do is submit your prescription, add your desired products to your cart, check out, and refill your medication later.

There is no denying the convenience that comes with getting your insulin delivered right to your door. With the press of a few buttons, you can order Canadian insulin online from America.

The Refills

In addition to providing convenient shipping, online prescription referral services also make it easy to refill your prescription so that you’re never in a bind waiting for your medication.

Being able to refill your prescription online with the click of a button removes the need to travel to your pharmacy to refill your prescription and gives you one less thing to worry about every month.

Fast Shipping

To get your prescription filled in no time, order insulin from an online prescription referral service that offers fast shipping. Some services ship across America so that, no matter where you live in the United States, you can access affordable Canadian insulin.




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