The 5 Most Common Surgeries You’ll Hear About


Surgery is regarded as a crucial and serious treatment. That’s one of the reasons why we usually get worried when we hear about such procedures. However, surgery can be part of an everyday routine for most doctors, especially when it’s the common kind.

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There are several different reasons to have surgery—some are cosmetic while others are necessary for treating a disease, helping the body to function better, or to check for any problems in the first place. Surgeries can save lives. That’s why it’s important to stay updated on them.

Here are some of the most common surgeries that you’ll often hear about:

1.    Repairing Broken Bones

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When it comes to repairing broken bones, there are several hundred thousand surgeries performed in the United States alone. The nature of the bone injury will determine whether it needs surgery to heal it as many fractures could also heal themselves with the proper setting and a plaster.

If things are bad enough, though, the doctor needs to operate and use rods, metal plates, and screws to join the bone sections together. Surgery is required here so that the bones may heal properly. Whatever your situation is, it’s always better to make informed decisions and visit Seaview Orthopaedic in Holmdel NJ offers so you can consult with doctors who are experienced in such orthopedic procedures.

2. Removal Of Cataracts

Eye issues are a huge deal for many people all over the world. Your doctor will inquire if you have any symptoms of cataract and will recommend surgery accordingly. That said, cataract removal surgery is naturally among the topmost common procedures.

Cataracts cause our vision to decline by clouding up the eye lens. For now, at least, surgery is the only option for removing cataracts. This involves the surgeon removing the eye lens and putting it in an artificial version. After the surgery, patients can usually go home without having to spend the night at the hospital or clinic.

3. Cesarean

Around a third of pregnancies end up in a Cesarean or C-section, whether it’s planned or an emergency case. C-sections are sometimes required for pregnant women due to health issues. This could include high blood pressure or a problematic position for the baby, the umbilical cord, or the placenta. While a C-section has a significantly higher cost than a vaginal delivery, it can save both mother and baby from several complications.

4. Circumcision

Many new parents choose to have their baby boys circumcised soon after birth. This may not be a medically necessary procedure but it can reduce the risk of some infections and even stave off cancer. Circumcisions are also a religious preference for many people, so this minor surgery is performed as soon after birth as possible.

5. Replacing Joints

We often hear about the joints giving out as people get older. However, it’s surprising that younger Americans are having joint replacement surgery each year. Knee and hip replacements are the most common procedures among these.

Other joints might also require surgery at some point, such as the ankles and shoulders. The operation itself involves removing the damaged joint part and putting in an artificial one. Depending on the extent of the damage, the surgeon may remove the whole joint or just a part of it. Those with severe arthritis might experience a lot of benefits from such procedures.

The Takeaway

A little knowledge can do wonders in easing your worries about surgery and other forms of treatment. You don’t have to worry about every surgery that the doctor recommends to you or your loved ones. However, make sure you ask about the precautions and treatment for a full recovery after the operation.




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