Slipped And Fell? Here Is What You Should Do

Slip and fall accidents are becoming extremely common these days, even though most property owners or managers try to take all the necessary precautions.

By law, every home, building, walkway, parking lot, and many other structures need to maintain a safe environment. If you do fall someplace and it isn’t your fault, then you can be eligible to make a slip and fall case against the people in charge.

However, many people will try to mess up your case, even if you have grounds for a claim. For that precise reason, you need to know what to do in case it happens.

Seek Medical Care

With every kind of accident, you must seek immediate medical attention to make sure everything is perfectly fine.

If you have been hurt because of the accident, then you need to go to a hospital to see a doctor and document the injuries. The faster you go after the slip and fall, the better it can be for your case. But if the injury isn’t too severe, you might want to go through the other steps before getting medical attention.

Report the Incident

It doesn’t matter where the slip and fall takes place. You need to find the manager, owner, landlord, or whoever the superior is, and report the accident to them.

You need to make sure that they write down all the details on a paper and sign the document. Also, you need to get a copy of the report for your case.

Gather Evidence

When you slip and fall at any place, there might be some people around to witness the accident take place. These people will be incredibly important if you pursue a lawsuit. That is why you need to note down their names, numbers, addresses, and emails. Also, you should ask them if they will give a statement to a court about what they saw.

You should also take many pictures or videos about the precise location of your slip and fall, make sure not to get anything out of place if possible. 

You should immediately write down all the details of the accident. What you were doing before, how it happened, and what you did after it.

Avoid Giving Statements

When something like this happens, many people start to overreact and do all sorts of things because they think it can help their case.

But in reality, you need to stay calm. You should also try to limit your conversation with the manager or owner, other than getting a report from them.

You also need to stay quiet on social media, not give any statements, and not place or take any blame. 

Consult With Slip and Fall Lawyers

If you choose to take legal action for the slip and fall, then you need to head over to to talk with an experienced lawyer. 

These cases can be extremely challenging to prove in court, which is why you might need an excellent attorney to represent you and handle your case. 

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