Shall you purchase an Apple Watch Milanese Loop

When it comes to a band for an Apple Watch, people pick Apple Watch Milanese loop for several reasons. You have to consider the pros and cons of the Apple Watch Gold Milanese Loop you want to purchase. When you are looking for a band for a watch by some other brand, your budget drives decision-making. However, in the case of an Apple Watch, a wearer goes for style, comfort and durability. Bands for the Apple Watch are also made of leather, nylon and a range of other materials. However, this article is about the Apple watch Milanese loop only.

It Looks Different

You might find it surprising. The length of the loop and Apple’s press shots do not look the same. If you see Apple’s shots on the product’s page, it looks closer to the shots. 

It does not deform or discolour

When you choose a Milanese strap for an Apple Watch, you don’t have to worry about scratches. It also does not discolour or deform. So, this is the most durable Apple watch band available to you. It is much better than bands made from other materials. The Milanese loop is a stainless steel mesh pattern that is tightly weaved. It resists and hides scratches like a champ. Sweat and lotions can discolour, deform or damage other bands but not Apple Watch Milanese loop. 

It doesn’t pull hairs

If you have used such bands in the past, you might have also experienced this problem. Some bands can catch and pull your wrist hair out. However, not all. If you are purchasing from the right online supplier, you don’t have to worry about it.

It doesn’t become loose

An informed buyer always does serious research before purchasing a watch, an Apple Watch band or any other product. You might have read some online reviews of people complaining about bands coming loose. This is not very comfortable when you wear a watch on a regular basis and throughout the day. However, Milanese Loop for an Apple Watch has a magnetic closure. This closure does not only make it easy to wear the watch but also keeps it in place. You don’t have to adjust it several times a day, even during any physical activity.

It is super comfortable

While it’s true that leather, nylon and other bands are more comfortable, Apple Watch Milanese loop does not cause any discomfort. Some Milanese loops do cause discomfort when they become loose and you have to tighten them a few times a day. However, you have to invest in the best quality Milanese loop for Apple Watch.


Breathability is an important factor to consider when you want to purchase a loop for your watch. The Milanese loop is a weaved mesh that allows a little air to pass through. This helps in avoiding sweat and keeps it cool.


The Milanese loop comes with a magnetic closure making it easy to adjust the band according to the size of the wrist. You need a size guide to purchase a leather or nylon Apple watch band. You don’t need any such guide for a Milanese loop. The 10mm increments of a leather band may not be helpful for every wearer. If you always get bands that are either too tight or too loose, you will really appreciate an Apple Watch Milanese Loop. 

So, shall you buy one? It is your personal choice. There are advantages and disadvantages of bands made from other materials. Consider the pros and cons of other options as well and make an informed decision. 

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