Slim Men Fashion Guide

Slim men can get away with practically everything when it comes to fashion. Most styles will look good on them, but with limitations of course.

 On occasions, you may want to look a bit buff or at times you want to look slenderer — your body type can achieve that look with proper clothing. Being slim doesn’t have to look skinny or thin or gawky. Slim men have fashion uncertainty. Learn the right way to dress edgy,  with a simple fashion style.

Master these general dressing tips for slim men to emphasize you’re natural build.

Wear clothes that fit you just right

 Some men think that wearing oversized clothing will disguise their physique when actually; they will look skinnier because the clothes will look bigger on them that they tend to “shrink.”

Have an arsenal of the right clothes:

 Own dress shirts in various colors, patterns, and fabrics. Dress shirts look good on slim men, and long sleeve shirts make your arms look fuller. if you’re a guy who is conscious about your arms, then you can wear a long-sleeve shirt to hide them. You may opt to roll up your sleeves up to your elbow for a more casual and laid back look.

If somehow you do feel like wearing a short-sleeve shirt, make sure the sleeves are fit around your arms. Any extra space around those sleeves will only end up making your arms look skinnier which you definitely don’t want.

Layer your outfits

            Layering is the key as it will add bulk to your look.

You can build up your frame with every layer you put on. So go ahead, add up, but don’t get too carried away.

Match your outfit with the weather. Get a slim-fit button-down shirt over your color-matching t-shirt, and you’re good to go. If you ever wish to add on a coat perfect for casual outings, feel free.

Wear colors & patterns that heighten your overall appearance

It doesn’t matter if you’re In style: wearing expensive, tailor-made, branded, and overall quality clothes; If color, patterns, and colors don’t blend and do not complement your look, you’ll be a walking disaster.

Mix and match. Find the perfect combination that looks good on you. If you go for a patterned or printed shirt, layers can be plain and vice versa.

Your personal style that suits you

Don’t dress by the book.

Make it your own; Your personal style that suits you is your most comfortable outfit. Dress up the way you want to and good changes in your aura, mood, confidence and your overall appearance will follow.

Your dress shirt is your fashion staple

Dress shirts are a thing of the present. And yes, they are your “make or break the look” for you.

Let a dress shirt be the basis for all your ensemble. A man of any form should invest in their dress shirts. Get as many as you can afford because you can basically wear them anytime and anywhere. With the right pairing, you will not be a fashion victim nor a fashion nuisance. Just make sure you have some of the best dress shirts today.

Don’t lose hope!

            If you are reading this article because you just don’t see fashion as your thing, don’t lose hope. Everyone has their own style and preferences. Fashion is an art and you’re an artist in your own way.

It’s time that you make that fashionable purchase and wardrobe upgrade you deserve.

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