Shower stools: They are needed by everyone, not only seniors


Based on many reports, the number of cases of accidents during bathing has increased from year to year. There are various factors; stroke, slip, muscle weakness, and so forth. One thing is certain, the application of additional devices can minimize accidents in the bathroom. And there is no tool for it that is better than a shower stool.

Shower stools like those provided by AvaCare Medical are additional bathroom cabinets designed to help people with physical disabilities and allow them to shower properly. They are useful to prevent or at least minimize the risk of injury in the bath.

What are the benefits?

Having a standing shower can be a big effort for those who suffer from difficulty in moving, for this reason, a special chair has been designed: a shower chair. These chairs allow users to sit in a shower or bathtub, avoiding spending a lot of time standing up, activities that burden the joints and giving them greater comfort and independence. Although shower stools are designed to help disabled people and the elderly, ordinary people can use them to simply take a comfortable and safe shower. Next, we will explain the main benefits provided by the stools. Today, we can find so many households in the West who use shower stools to get a more comfortable and enjoyable shower experience.


Bathroom accidents when falling to the ground almost always occur in normal people. In the case of people with disabilities and the elderly, the risk is far greater because they lack functional strength and mobility. This is the reason why shower stools are also recommended for young people. Risks always lurk in all age ranges.


They minimize direct contact with the wet floor so we can keep our bodies clean. If traveling and finished at a random hotel, we can take a shower stool and use it to get a clean and comfortable shower, if we are not sure of the cleanliness of the bathroom. In some cases, it can prevent infectious diseases through the bathroom floor.


A mobility shower stool is your best advantage of space-saving quality. You can take it in the shower, then take it and store it after you finish bathing. You can even take him traveling.

What kind of shower chairs are there?

Seat with adjustable height

Adjustable height is an important mechanism that increases your comfort advantage. Height adjustment allows all family members to take advantage of the use of the shower chair. Very practical and efficient, this type is the most popular in Western European countries.

Chair pulled

The retractable or folding model gives you more flexibility because it is portable. This is a shower seat model whose parts can be disassembled or reversed to facilitate transportation. The tourists tend to like this type. Hopefully, this article can provide useful information for you. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. We can only reduce the risk. Thank you for reading!


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