12 Best Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox and PC


The gaming industries have also revolutionized the gaming culture than they were before. The same is for the gaming headset that enables gamers to get the most out of any game. The fast-paced and detailed gaming culture promotes the use of gaming headsets to enhance the gaming experience even further.  Not only that, but the good headphones also benefit in alleviating your ears from pain after a long gaming session. The rising trends of video gaming have taken over the world by storm. A diverse range of different gaming equipment like a gaming headset, controllers, mouse, and keyboards serve a variety of benefits.

As said earlier, the wide range and benefits of gaming headsets make it difficult to choose from. Plus, many gamers have concerns about the sticky and heavy headsets that are painful and sweaty for the ears. In short, no matter what platform you are on, gamers are always struggling to find an ideal headset for gaming. Some want their headsets to be wireless, and some consider sound quality. While some gamers want to keep up with the chic fashion of the gaming culture. In the end, their choices always revolve around the high sound quality and chic looks of the headset.  With that said, let’s discuss the 12 best gaming headsets for PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC.

  1. Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset

First up on the list is Sennheiser GSP 370 gaming headset that has gained its reputation for being a wireless addition. The gaming headset is well praised among many other gamers for its best audio quality and top-notch clarity. The GSP 370 is counted among the mid-range headsets that provide collective benefits for gamers. The headset comes with minimum buttons for volume control, sound mode toggle, and a volume wheel. Moreover, the Sennheiser GSP 370 is powered by a top-tier battery that can work for 100 hours with continued gaming.

  1. SteelSeriesArctis Pro + GameDAC

SteelSeries Arctic Pro focuses more on its elegant design and metal finish rather than just the audio quality. This headset is the latest addition in the SteelSerieslineup and serves with broad cushioning for a comfortable gaming experience. Plus, the gaming headset comes with GameDAC that allows increasing the sound wavelength and quality up to 96-kHz audio. This headset uses the console’s USB port to fire up for excellent and promising sound quality.

  1. RazerNari Ultimate

If there was to talk about bold and debonair gaming headset, then RazerNari Ultimate is not an exception. RazerNari Ultimate comes with the combined pack of wired gaming headset that primarily focuses on PC gaming. However, the Bluetooth connectivity extends its usage on PlayStation 4 too. This headset works effectively with ear covering cushions that are cozy and snuggly to wear on. The headset promotes zero sound cut-outs to give you an immersive game environment sounds with up to a 2.4 GHz connection.

  1. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with a wired cord connection and excellent sound quality. The HyperX headset’s design is versatile for the gaming platforms and uses the standard headphone jack along with Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is the best-known headset for its lightweight and comfortable ear cushions. The headset is also identified by many VOIP software and manages the sound quality with their codec.

  1. Logitech G Pro X

Logitech G Pro X is counted among the best-wired headset only for gaming purposes. The sleek designs of the headset clearly explain why it is the eye candy of the gamers. Not only the design, but the sound quality also strikes its way to gain the attention of many gamers. The headset uses 7.1 surround sound that suits best for the competitive gaming experience. Also, the headset comes with the best quality mic to make the communication more clear and direct with the teammates.

  1. Corsair HS35

The startup gamers always look for simple and reliable headsets, which brings Corsair HS35 to the list. The headset is quite light and connects with PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC with the standard headset jack. Corsair HS35 is designed to fit on any head and feels more flexible and comfortable for hours of gaming sessions. The surrounded sound quality gives in-depth details of the game environment, and the ambiance feels like a home.

  1. Logitech G432

Logitech G432 is another entry-level cheap gaming headset that keeps up with the gaming tradition as well as the sound quality. The G432 comes with the modern design and color grading that is the prime choice of gaming streamers too. The reason why this headset is distinctive from others is because of the compact and unique ear cup designs. Apart from the ear cups, the Logitech G432 broadens the causal gaming style and becomes a sportive addition to the gaming equipment.

  1. Victrix Pro AF

The reason that Victrix Pro AF is getting a lot of attention is because of the introduction of the noise cancellation function. The headphones focus on the needs of hardcore gamers with many luxurious features. Not only that, the headset features removable ear cups to replace with your gaming styles. Each cup also has an air ventilation system to avoid sweating during competitive matches.

  1. Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 300

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 300, despite the long name, are the mid-ranged wireless headsets for LAN party gamers. The headsets features EQ presets and mic monitoring to test your own voice before landing on the gaming field. Also, the headset has the flip-to-mute feature, that aids in going away from the keyboard habits.

  1. Astro A10

The lightweight and supple qualities of Astro A10 makes it a more famous entry in the gaming headsets. The headset may not seems to be stylish, but the extended volume controls and software driver setup instantly gains the gamer’s attention.

  1. HP Omen Mindframe

Many headphones cover your whole ears and become your worst purchase. However, HP Omen Mindframe, for instance, is the perfect choice for gamers who looks for dimensions rather than fashion. The ear cups support the air ventilation to avoid your ears sweating during long gaming sessions.

  1. Poly Rig 500 Pro Esports Edition

Last but not least are the Poly Rig 500 are headsets that are dedicated to obsessed gamers. The headsets are used by many Esports players and focus on the competitive gaming experience. The metal skeleton structure of the headset increases the adjustable functions for your head to make it fit perfectly.

Final Words

Luckily there are a lot more headsets available locally as well as online that focuses on the budget as well as generations. Everyone has their own choice dilemma, which can be eased by proper research for user reviews. In the end, find the headset that not only meets your requirements but also lasts longer and mitigates the ear irritation.




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