You all know about the safes you can fit in your house to keep your valuables safe. However, the real issue is to keep your valuables safe on the go. You go out every day to college or to work. You have to go to the gym or do some groceries once in a while. Sometimes, you take a break and travel to a different city or country to refresh yourself. Everyday many worries envelop you. Keeping your valuable stuff safe should not be one of them because you are living in the 21st century – the age of ingenious technology. Sometimes, things do not get stolen; we lose them. The other day a friend forgot her phone on the counter of a thrift store. Luckily, she had a fantastic gadget to remind her and show where her phone was. A lot of times, we misplace our car keys in our home, and then we are late the next morning at work because of that. It should be a thing of the past in this era. Thus, we have enlisted seven amazing gadgets to keep your valuables safe down below. And do not worry, they are not bulky things you have to carry all-around with you. You will be amazed at how easy and light it is to keep things safe and never lose them.


Your iPhones and smartwatches, in fact, all Apple tech, have this feature through which you can track all the tech from Apple, which you have. A friend forgot his phone on the counter and was able to get back because of his iWatch. Is not that amazing? If you have this habit where you leave your phone and forget it, you will know when it is out of your reach. It is also easy to forget your iPad at the library or your class. So, if you have a couple of features from Apple, you should turn on the setting, which allows you to keep track of your stuff. This way, you will never have to worry about your tech.


Safedome is magic! This Bluetooth tracking device is so wholesome, and you can keep everything, be it your phone, laptop, keys, wallet, safe. It is a skinny card, just like your credit card, which connects with everything you need to keep safe and does its job. All you needed is to connect your Safedome devices with its app, and you are good to go anywhere. It is one of the most significant technological advances because it is user-friendly, not just portable but in a very minimalistic way, and helps you keep the peace of your mind by making sure every valuable thing is with or around you.


Trackimo is one of the oldest devices to track your valuables. It is a tiny old-styled device that looks like an MP3 player. You can keep it with you in the car if you are on the go, in the office while you are at work, and home once you are home. It can easily fit into your pocket. The reason this device has been famous among the tracking devices is that it is cheap, small, and sturdy. It has a GPS and allows a cellular SIM card for the perfect positioning of the things it is tracking. It gives you alerts if you are too far from your valuable. Also, it has free apps on the android app store to provide you with the warnings on your phone. You can even keep track of your pets through Trackimo!


Yomo Travel Wallet also acts as a passport holder, which you can comfortably wear around your neck. It is a fantastic gadget to have while you are going on a journey or a business trip. It works through lab-tested RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). It means that no thief can scan your cards and stuff because of which your information stays safe. Also, since it hangs around your neck, you can easily have your hands free. Another fantastic thing is it does not look bulky or big, and it is also not massive. Yet, it has space for your phone. It holds all your cards, bills, keys, and even coins. It is waterproof too! It has excellent reviews from its users. So, the next time you are planning to hop on the plane, place an order for this as you book your tickets.


There are many portable safes, including water bottles, which can open up so you can store your cash in them, books that open up with a small key or security lock. However, our favorite one is Pacsafe GII Portable Safe. It is a waterproof and lightweight backpack that has a metallic look to it. It has a TSA accepted lock on it. It also has RFID to help you keep the information on your cards safe. Anyway, whatever you put inside this bag, it becomes harmless.


Trace me Smart-ID is a card that helps you keep track of your bags. Also, you can print out your luggage tag through this security system. It enables you to travel comfortably without the worry of losing your luggage. All this safety comes with a small card with a safe attachment. There are around a billion people who misplace their luggage at the airport. Trace me Smart ID helps you not to be one of them.


If you have a bike, you surely need a lock for it. There are various bike locks, and you should be choosing one for yourself as per your needs. A very minimal one, which is our favorite, is the cable lock that can easily fit in your bag and securely lock your bike whenever needed.


In this age of technology, you must have all the gadgets which are easy and cheap to own and make your everyday life easier. The devices, as mentioned earlier, are life-changing and easily accessible over Amazon. So, why are you thinking twice? Enjoy your smart life!




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