How Wedding Ceremonies Can be Made Fun and Entertaining

Woah! A big fat congratulations for your upcoming wedding!

Weddings are one of the most important life events in anyone’s life. So, there is no reason to compromise on having a blast of a wedding. Since your family and friends will join to share your happiness on your big day, it is important that they enjoy your wedding ceremony. This must be the day everyone and especially you should be laughing out loud and being all crazy and excited to start a whole new chapter of your life with the person you love the most. This is the reason we have collected some tips through which you can have the most fun out of your wedding ceremony:

  1. Photo booth and props

Photo booths and props to use at one are the most traditional ideas to make your wedding ceremony fun. Photo booths not only allow you to have some amazing photos but also lets your guests have some cool pictures. This is a great way for your guests to remember your wedding. These days photo booths are reviving because of the social media frenzy so it is always a good idea to have one at the corner.

  1. Hire a live band

Hiring a local band to play at your wedding is the coolest and the most fun idea which you and your family would love. They can play some light music and/or songs throughout the wedding ceremony and can allow you to have some real fun when the time comes to dance. There are many local bands around the States who are great for wedding events for example wedding bands Boston can change the game for you.

  1. Dessert table that includes hot chocolate and ice-cream stall

There is going to be a couple of desserts on the menu for sure because it is a happy occasion. So, it is rather better to have a small table dedicated to a variety of sweets that you, your family, and friends love. You can also play with the color scheme here and choose the color of the sweets which go with the whole setting. This can enhance the whole look of the ceremony, entertain your guests, and serve as a great place for some good photographs. You can look for dessert table ideas to be as creative as you want to be with the whole setup. Also, if it is winters, you can make sure hot chocolate has some space on the table and if it is summers than there is a small ice-cream stall beside the dessert table.

  1. Arrange spectacular fireworks

What is a wedding without a proper firework show? Fireworks are crazy and fun. Not only your family and friends enjoy it, they are the best way to end your perfect day. What is more beautiful than ending the best night of your life with a kiss under the spectacular fireworks?

  1. Disco ball décor for dance

Everyone loves dancing the wedding. Yes, it all starts with your favorite classic romantic song on which you dance with your husband. There stays romance in the air for a while as all the couples join you. But that is just a tradition. Everyone including you wants to get a little crazy on the wedding dance floor. Thus, comes the club music. However, how cool it would be if you could turn on some disco balls for that dance? Do that and you will never regret it. It might get a little messy with a few people getting a little too drunk or some of your friends finding themselves dance partners but what is there to lose?

  1. Nothing better than a karaoke at the wedding

Be it high school, college dorms, late nights at the bar, or coffee shops, we have all loved karaoke each time. It is a great way to sing songs together without any judgments and be happy in the moment. So, if it is that good, why should not it be a part of your big day? You can DIY a small booth for Karaoke and have a great session after the dance. Your friends and family would definitely love this and remember your wedding because of it.

  1. Games at the table

While your guests arrive and seat themselves at the wedding, there should be some sort of entertainment for them. You do not want them coming running towards you because that is a very special time for you to be with yourself. Worry not, there are myriad ideas for the little games your guests can play at the table. This way you will be at ease getting ready to say ‘I do’ while your guests would be entertaining themselves

  1. Ask your artist friend to be caricaturist

Do you have a friend who is good at sketching? Ask her to have her booth and draw people if they wish to. Do not make her do that all evening though and make sure you give her a gift for her kindness. Everyone loves a caricaturist at a wedding. It is that fun element which makes people remember your wedding.

  1. Follow the bouquet throwing tradition

Yes, it is your wedding and you want to break the age-old tradition to have your big day your way. However, some of those traditions are really entertaining for you and for your family and friends. One of them includes bride throwing the bouquet while all her single cousins and friends run to take it. Nothing true about the whole story that goes behind it but it is great fun so why opt out of it?

Now that you have some great ideas to make your wedding ceremony fun and entertaining, your mind must be boggling with how you can incorporate them in your wedding. Just remember it is your wedding and should be as you want it. Also, another reminder is to make sure you give yourself and your spouse some quality time because after all, this day belongs to you two. Happy Wedding!

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