“Rup Singh’s Journey” From an Influencer to an Entrepreneur

Rup Singh picks up steps for his journey in 2014 as an influencer. He is a person who was born in U.S Westchester, New York, and immigrant his parents from India. At a young age, he was an ambitious person to his goals. Since high school, he is good at studies, so he geared up for medicine after graduation, which gives him a passion and idea to do something new in this. Then he starts influencing the people to purchase different products. He started his journey as a state agent. He convinces people of his body language. In 2014, he was almost on the top in his profession, but some more efforts are required to proceed. He understands the client’s mind easily. So, he has a grip on that point and convinces them too early. After a temporary break down from this field, he gives his full time in real states, and after ages, he becomes the Top 1% Real Estate. He was also nominated for the award as a Top influencer and Real state man. As he succeeds in his field, he starts teaching others how to get success in minimum time. He stats the leadership in ‘The Legacy Group’ as a team.

As an Influencer:

             An influencer is a person who influences others over buying decisions. Simply, influencers convince the group of people. In the market, people will decide on consuming something if they have trust in him, and Rup Singh has the ability to convincing people easily. Rup Singh has the power to bring out more and more people towards his product and services. All of this is because the customer trusts in Rup Singh. As a social media influencer, he persuades people easily by virtue of their research and authentication. In 2014, he was at the peak of success. After some years, he presents the six figured income, and it gives him more benefit. In 2015, Rup Singh posted a story on Instagram and I which he told his parents 1099, which detailed was yearly income. After one year of the experience, Rup Singh changes his techniques. He went on work for RE/MAX, and this work brings more success for him.

Social Entrepreneur:

Rup Singh is also known as a Social Entrepreneur because he started his business with his interest and experiences. Rup Singh also faces many risks and difficulties to manage that Business alone. He worked hard for that achievement; his efforts brought fruits earlier. Socially, his image and future are bright throughout his life, but he worked day and night for these achievements. He works socially for the underprivileged kids. He gave them a haircut only for his satisfaction and to see a beautiful smile on the kids’ faces. He wants to turn the top of the earth in his way. He gave them time and help them physically. He acts like a smart barber to feel or differentiate among people. He gives them incredible advice to add good values to their life.

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