Google’s Top 5 Ranking Factors For Local SEO


Local searches have rapidly become one of the mainstays of marketing a small business in the year 2020. This begs the question: what can you do to realize success in a local SEO campaign?

The best SEO agencies in Houston will tell you there are certain core factors to make use of to climb to the top of the local SEO search result list. Local SEO remains in its infancy but is now more competitive than ever before. Small businesses realize the benefits of a comprehensive and well-planned local SEO campaign since it brings with it high levels of search visibility and meaningful contact and connections with local customers.

As awareness increases, a complex search algorithm system has matured and changed dramatically in the last few years. Google is constantly searching for new methods by which to provide its users with the most helpful and valuable information. It is thus imperative that ranking high within a local search result requires an approach that is strategically planned.

There are several main factors that work collaboratively that enable local businesses to appear at or near the top in Google local search results, thereby benefiting from increased visibility.

Here are the top 5 essential Local Google SEO Ranking Factors for 2020 as revealed by the best SEO agencies in Houston:

  1. Google My Business (GMB)

This is by far one of the most vital factors when it comes to local SEO rankings. This is a free tool that has been implemented by Google that provides its users with access to local businesses by way of Google Maps. It is imperative that you set up your GMB listing properly so your business can be noticed by potential customers and, more importantly, Google.

  1. On-Page Signals

There are numerous on-page factors that are taken into consideration when your website is analyzed for a local ranking. Number one is the use of keywords that are relevant. Search engines watch out for keywords that are most relevant and which are placed strategically to work out where your website belongs. For local SEO purposes, relevancy is vital since the correct keywords enable your site to rank higher within specific areas in your industry.

  1. Online Reviews

It is almost always the case that potential customers read the available information on a business prior to buying. Online reviews that are positive in nature help your business stand out as reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate. Positive reviews in your online profile have been shown to have a very significant impact on consumers when making buying decisions.

  1. Backlink Profile

An essential element in building authority for a local business is a backlink. The aim of a local business should be to attack websites that are relevant, local, and authoritative. Receiving these backlinks to your site from other sites that are considered authoritative is crucial in being placed in a position of priority in search results. The ranking factors most closely associated with local SEO with backlinks apply are the relevance of the links, the number of linking domains, the linking domain authority, and the anchor text utilized that links to your website.

  1. Online Citations

Online citations and directories are like the yellow pages of yesteryear. Citations help you receive consistent information about businesses that are on the web as well as for acquiring backlinks from local, authoritative, and legitimate websites. Searchers make use of citations and directories to locate services and products as well as their contact details. Search engines make use of citations if it is necessary to confirm information about a business that is necessary.

Local SEO rankings should be the start of your business’ marketing plan. Invest in local SEO marketing soon since competition is rising and local SEO has become crucial for every type of business in the market today.




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