Roller Blinds – Bathroom Window Treatment Option

There are many homeowners you might find around you who simply did not give attention to the bathroom styling. They have spent dollars on living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other parts of the homes such as porch, driveways, and even painting, but simply ignored bathrooms. Well, you should not make this mistake as bathroom styling is very important. Don’t you want some convenience and comfort when you are using your bathroom? Even if you have decided to style your bathroom, it is a hard thing to do, especially bathroom window treatment.

When you are living in a country like Australia, your home frequently becomes the dear home for different insects and bugs and damp and molds too. Such damages might harm your home and reduce the lifespan of your home too. A place where you clean and wash your body, you need to keep that place hygienic and clean, don’t you think?

If you are confused about your bathroom window treatment, roller blinds melbourne can be the perfect and best option for you. They are convenient, compact, easy to clean and maintain, and when rolled down, you can expect complete privacy. There are different types of blinds available to choose for your bathroom window treatment.

Bathroom window treatments

Your bathroom is the place where humidity and temperature will be high throughout the day and hence, you need to choose blinds that can hold up against humidity and temperature. Also, don’t forget that you need to consider style, finish and appeal also as you want your bathroom to look polished, classy, and attractive too.

What blinds are best for bathrooms?

When it comes to choosing the best bathroom blinds, faux wood blinds, faux wood shutters and vinyl roller blinds are the topmost choices of interior designers and homeowners due to some of the advantages they offer. For example, these day-night roller blinds are resistant to moisture damage and if there is mildew build-up, they are easy to clean and maintain. Let’s discuss all three of them in brief.

  1. Faux Wood blinds

The main issue with real wood blinds is its inability to hold up against humidity. They will crack or warp. On the other hand, faux wood blinds are fitted with moisture-resistant slats which will stay straight during their lifetime. In addition to that, you can easily clean and wipe down mildew with the soap water any time. There is a wide range of faux wood blinds available in the market to choose from such as solid neutrals and realistic wood grain finishes.

  1. Roller blinds

If you are looking for a modern or contemporary stylish bathroom finish that looks classy and very sophisticated, roller blinds are a perfect choice for you. One of the most preferred window treatment options, these roller blinds offer complete privacy to you and also are available in lighter and darker shades and fabrics. Avoid choosing sheer solar fabrics as it might become translucent at night.

Outdoor roller blinds can be a choice for you if you have a small bathroom. However, most of the interior designers prefer to go for indoor roller blinds as they look perfect and classy and can be controlled comfortably. One of the most preferred roller blinds is vinyl roller blinds that are the perfect choice for places with high humidity and can be wiped out easily with soap water to prevent mildew.

You need to remember that when you have installed fabric roller blinds, you need to turn on the exhaust fan after showers to dry the fabrics off.

  1. Roman blinds 

If you want to avoid a contemporary feel and rather opt for a traditional, mid-century and farmhouse type home style, you can always go for Roman blinds that will give you a unique and distinctive style and class to your bathroom. You can choose from different filtering liners from lightning to dark ones to determine the right light for you.

In addition to that, Roman blinds are a great option when you want to create something visually stunning and jaw-dropping. There are hundreds of fabric options to choose from with different colours and styles and you can also ask for sample fabrics from the supplier or manufacturer. A hobbled fold can be a perfect choice if you want to keep your blinds down all the time.

Here too, it is advised to turn on the exhaust fan once you are done with shower to prevent mildew build up. Fabrics are vulnerable to moisture and mildew and must be dried out quickly.

How to style a bathroom?

When you start styling your bathroom, you need to prepare a list of questions for yourself. Some of the examples are how the room will be used by you in the future, what do you plan to do with the room? Will your kids be using the room for play or study?

Bathroom accessories must be chosen that not just add style and elegance to it, but also are moisture-resistant, privacy savvy and must fit in your home decor style. Vertical blinds or roller blinds that you choose must fulfill all these criteria.

Many homeowners choose a frosted glass treatment for windows for complete privacy, but roller blinds can add the next level of privacy. There are many waterproof blinds available that can block the sunlight completely. However, late at night, you might need electric lighting here.

Waterproof blinds are the next big thing as they are made with a waterproof coating and high-quality fabrics which, together offer privacy and prevention against mold and mildew build-up.

Properties of bathroom treatment blinds

One of the main characteristics of properties of bathroom treatment blinds is they must be moisture resistant. The presence of moisture in already high humidity might invite different troubles.

Furthermore, outdoor or indoor roller blinds must be easy to clean and maintain. You don’t want to spend a whole day cleaning those blinds. Roller blinds are easy to clean and maintain and hence, highly preferred too.

If you prefer fabric window shutters or blinds, ensure that the fabric is of high-quality and reliable and can be dried easily.


Rather than other window treatment such as fly screen installation, choosing roller blinds for window treatment can be the perfect and viable option. Waterproof roller blinds can be the best option as it eliminates the risk of mildew and mold build-up.

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