Recharging Your Walmart Money Card


Since the introduction of debit cards, one can move with a lot of money and use it conveniently anywhere and anytime they want. This method is safer as no one can quickly notice that you are carrying huge sums of money.

Furthermore, in case you misplace it, you can immediately block any transactions from being carried out. Most of the time, especially during the holidays, we often find ourselves overspending. The introduction of the Walmart money card has come as a reprieve to curb the overspending problem as it grants you the opportunity to limit the amount of money that you want to spend.

Who is Eligible?

One advantage of the Walmart money card is that everyone above 18 years is allowed to have it. However, those under the age of 18 years can also have the Walmart money card but only with their parents’ permission. The Walmart money card helps you ensure that your kid has a controllable amount of money.

Apart from that, it helps them to avoid being extravagant as they grow up. The other advantage of having a Walmart money card is that it helps in boosting their credit score. For more information about credit scores, navigate to this website.

Cheap and Convenient

The Walmart money card is very cheap to use as its charges are either free or just $3. For instance, to be issued with the Walmart card, it costs three dollars, and to reload it depends on the method you use as direct deposit does not incur any charge, but for the other ways, it would just cost you three dollars and a monthly maintenance charge of three dollars.

Let us now discuss the various methods that one can use to utilize to reload their Walmart money card.

Direct Deposit

This is the most common and best method to reload your Walmart money card. The reason why it is more preferred is that it does not incur any charges. It is just free. In this method, the employer is required to give the bank two days’ notice before sending the employee’s monthly salary. Unlike the other methods, there are no limits on the amount of money that can be loaded using this method.

Rapid Reload

This method allows you to reload your Walmart money card at an authorized Walmart retailer. To use this method, you are supposed to reload a minimum of 20 dollars and a maximum of 1,100 dollars. The process incurs a service charge of three dollars.

Visiting Walmart Money Centre

At any Walmart store, there is a customer service department whose purpose is to help you check your balance, buy money orders, and reload your money card. There are no limits on the amount that one can load on the card, but a service fee applies depending on the type of card that you wish to load.


The internet came along with several benefits, including giving you the chance to work from the comfort of your house. The type of reloading has no limits and takes about two to three working days to be complete. There are no service charges for recharge, but your bank will charge you for making the transfer.




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