Is it OK to Buy Instagram Followers?

These days it has become easier to buy Instagram followers, but is this a good idea or a bad one? The constant debate.

We asked a well-known Italian Social Media Manager (who wishes to remain anonymous) if buying Instagram followers is ethical?

This particular Social Media Manager works with world-famous Influencers, and Italian celebrities.

read her thoughts on paid Instagram following:

  1. Q)  Do you think it is wrong to buy Instagram followers?
  2. A) I think that for the most part it is ok, not in all cases but in many. High quality Instagram followers help, at least at the beginning, to reach the ability to insert links into Instagram Stories. To have this possibility you need at least 10 thousand Instagram followers, this is interesting for brands and eventual collaborations.

From an ethical point of view, ll tell you a little story that will make you think. A hairdresser in Rome, with no talent, who uses expired products opened his store and bought Instagram followers and likes. He even bought positive comments. Right across the street, another hairdresser opened up, a young man exceptionally talented, who invested everything in the quality of his service, but did not buy Instagram followers. The Instagram of the less talented hairdresser reached 15k followers, the talented hairdresser only has 500 followers. In your opinion, who do you think potential clients choose?

The one with more Instagram followers, because unfortunately, people take Instagram follower count as a guarantee. So, I think that it is right that the young talented hairdresser buys followers to compete with the other business across the street.  If the untalented hairdresser grabbed followers by investing in Instagram Ads, things would not have been any different, because the value of followers obtained in this way is the same as if they were bought from a follower sales site because the service still remains poor.

Q) Where can you buy Instagram followers?

  1. A) It depends, if the client needs the highest quality Instagram followers they buy them from as they are a sure service offering followers from ads with profile photos, followers and stories. If the customer wants low quality followers, I look for the site with the best price offer, knowing however that I will lose them in a short time.

Q) How can you lose bought Instagram followers?

  1. A) Because Instagram does a little cleaning. If these Instagram followers are low quality 100% will drop, but if they are of high quality, the drop in followers can even be less than 5%. Everyone loses followers on Instagram, even the accounts that have 100% real followers. You cannot force people to follow a certain Instagrammer. Sooner or later we all lose interest.

Q) Is the rate of Instagram Saves important?

  1. A) Yes, Instagram saves are just as important as likes. The new Instagram algorithm evaluates the

authoritativeness of posts based on photo saves, likes and comments. Saves on Instagram posts are in high demand by companies to assess whether an Influencer’s photo is really influential. If an Instagram post gets 1000 likes it should get at least 100 saves to be considered valuable;

Q) How can you get more real comments on an Instagram post?

  1. A) You can get real Instagram comments from joining an Instagram Pod or on Instasamy you can take advantage of their Italian and American comment

Q) Do famous Influencers who already have thousands of followers, buy Instagram followers?

  1. Yes. Influencers buy a lot of Instagram followers, likes, saves, and comments constantly to keep the growth trend very high.

Q) If my Instagram account grows suddenly due to buying Instagram followers, how do I justify the growth?

  1. A) Buying magazine articles in order to justify the growth of followers or being tagged by a big influencer.

Q) One last question, do you believe it will always be possible to buy Instagram Followers

  1. A) I don’t know, I think as long as it’s possible to buy followers and it’s legal, we should use the possibility. I don’t know social networks for which you cannot buy services, I don’t know brands or influencers who don’t buy Instagram Followers.

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