Plastic in cosmetic bottle

When we walk into the shopping mall, we can see that the whole floor is full of cosmetics counters. A dazzling array of cosmetic bottles appeared in front of our eyes, not knowing which one should choose. Don’t know if you ever have noticed that many products are packaged by plastic those which is made by plastic extruders. They have quietly occupied the cosmetics production.

The cosmetic bottle on the market is generally PET, PETG, or PP plastic materials to meet the packaging requirements of different products. Washing supplies containers are often using PET material. Commonly in the field of practical supplies, PET is mainly used for the pack of various types of beverage containers, such as mineral water bottle or large size Cola bottle. Comparing to PET PETG is used in a variety of long-term daily necessities, such as perfume bottles, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical package containers, and so on. Higher transparency, better chemical resistance, and better oil resistance make PETG more advantageous than PET. However these materials want to be cosmetic bottles, and they need plastic hoses and machines’ help.

Usually used cosmetic pack plastic hose have three choices like plastic extrusion hose, aluminum-plastic composite hose, and plastic composite hose.

1.  Plastic Extrusion Hose

The plastic extrusion house is divided into single and multi-layer extrusion type. It can achieve one-time molding and be used to produce different shapes extrusions. These products combine the advantages of each component material to meet customers’ needs. Hing-end cosmetics will use this extrusion hose as a package. The not single and multi-layer can both satisfy this need. The high-end one prefers the latter. The single type is more suitable for those good appearances but not high actual use skills fast-moving consumer products like a facial cleanser.

It combines variable kinds of plastics and also enjoys wonderful visual effects and unique touches.

2.  Aluminum Plastic Composite Hose

The Aluminum plastic composite hose is made of aluminum foil and plastic film. It can prevent outside substances from entering the cosmetics, its oxidative deterioration, and ensuring the essence of cosmetics. The advantage that it is more popular with manufacturers in a lower cost because this hose is able to achieve the same barrier performance as the other ones.

3.  Plastic Composite Hose

As the name suggests, this hose is all plastic. It is mainly used for middle and low-end cosmetic packaging. Plastic nonresistant and barrier hose are two kinds of it. Different from two other one plastic composite hose is colorful like colorless and transparent, color transparent and so on, from which buyers can clearly see inside contents, give them an impression and increase their desire to buy. The reason producers are willing to choose it is a better rebound. After the cosmetic is squeezed out, the hose can quickly return to its original shape.

With the development of the times, the concept of environmental protection is becoming more and more important. Also in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, packaging materials are also aligning with this concept:

  • Paying attention to the development, packaging materials replacement, and environmentally friendly materials to replace traditional materials
  • Paying attention to the recycling and utilization of packaging waste
  • Actively respond to the global consumption fashion and promote the commodity packaging development towards “Green Packaging”

When cosmetics are used up, their bottle can be saved and kept for other purposes. Here are some little tips for your beautiful one.

Empty powder box

When your powder box is running out, you can use it for a small piece of monochrome eye shadow to avoid the waste of buying eye shadow boxes again or oil-absorbing paper to load in summer times, which are light and convenient.

Empty lip gloss bottle

When lip gloss is empty, it could be equipped with transparent nail oil for stockings under emergency. The small lip gloss bottle is cleaned and filled with some transparent nail polish. For girls, this is a saving life stuff that breaks the stockings on summer days. Meanwhile, it can prevent holes in stockings from getting bigger and bigger.

Empty eye cream bottle

The empty cream bottle can be carried with body milk. These containers are usually very small, so you may wish to use them with some eye cream or hand cream in dry seasons. Applying to the elbows or joints that are often rubbed, it leaves the skin soft and avoiding old dead skin cells or dull skin.

Are these small suggestions very good? You can also find that these bottles can make our lives more convenient and creative. With the growth of plastic skills, more and more cosmetic products would use them for main production material. Variable bottles would come up to the market. Maybe you have already taken them in your bags. Just don’t forget, though these bottles are pretty, you must also select the cosmetics that are right for you.

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