How to Improve Your English and Succeed in Studies


At times, a poor command of the language may spoil the academic score of the smartest students. You may be a talented writer who knows how to explain his/her thoughts clearly. Notwithstanding, problems with English may bring everything to ruin. It’s especially true if you’re a foreign student.

Many of them simply buy cheap essays to receive the necessary grades. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seal the deal. You would hardly improve your language skills and your professors will know that too. You ought to try yourself and undergo self-education. Our guide highlights some reasonable steps to master English fast and productively.

Set Achievable Goals

Your first step is to set clear goals. It’s important to remember that these goals must be achievable. Don’t pretend that you are able to memorize 300 words, write 5 essays on different topics, and read two long stories in a single day. Make a reasonable plan with the goals you can manage. For example, your plan may look like this:

  • Learn 10 new words;
  • Write one short story;
  • Read two chapters in the original;
  • Listen to a short story;
  • Watch English-speaking movies (with or without subtitles).

This list may be longer if you wish. You’re not obliged to complete these tasks every day. Try to manage them in two or three days until you get used to the tempo. Quite soon it won’t be too difficult and won’t take too much time.

Motivate Yourself

Motivation is of huge importance. Always imagine what your life will be after you begin to speak English fluently. Visualize those scenes. You’ll understand the instructions of your professors and will easily talk about different topics with native speakers. There will be almost no mistakes in writing. Reading and listening will become easier as well.

Make Learning a Habit

It’s utterly important to turn learning English into your habit. Have a plan and strictly follow it. You’ll quickly use it and understand that every task becomes easier and so, funnier. Spend at least 2-3 hours on reading in the original and listening to local news. Write at least a brief draft using the new words you have learned for the present day, etc.

Choose the Rights Learning Materials

Make sure you’re using the proper learning materials, which help to develop different learning skills. These may be textbooks, tutorials, non-fiction books, newspapers, journals, etc. Don’t forget about the Internet. It provides free access to even more sources, which can be accessed instantly. Visit various educational forums, webinars, workshops, and other online events. Take into account online courses and helpful blogs devoted to the peculiarities of your main learning problems. Perhaps an essay writing service may be also used from time to time to show how to complete various pieces of writing. Make sure you equally develop every learning skill:

  • Reading;
  • Grammar;
  • Writing;
  • Speaking;

Obligatorily combine different learning aspects. For example, after you’re finished with reading, write an essay or listen to audio courses.


Self-education is a powerful tool if you use it properly. However, you should not work on your own. There are many other students who may have the same problems. Therefore, unite with them and collaborate. Create your specific community and try to solve problems as a team. Besides, communicate with the native speakers. Regular speech practice will help to understand your typical problems and improve what’s wrong. Obligatorily use your gained skilled in practice.

Stick to our prompts. They are universal and will help you to master English faster. You’ll avoid multiple problems in your studies and will compose papers of excellent quality.




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