Picking the Right Mask Lanyard for You


Since COVID-19 came into being, masks have become everyday essentials, just like makeup, perfume, and wristwatches. Besides lowering one’s risk of catching a deadly virus, they also allow their wearers to express their personality and sense of style.

These days, masks come in all sorts of shapes, colors, patterns, and designs. More and more people prefer them over boring ones that surgeons wear while springing into action.

Various accessories for masks are making a splash, too. For instance, a quick peek at social media will tell you that many have mask lanyard fever. It seems like everyone is preoccupied with making their masks and lanyards look great with their outfit and character.

It’s very much likely for lanyards for masks to stay around even after the pandemic for COVID-19 has made everybody think twice before stepping foot inside crowded places. Well, according to health authorities themselves, lanyards are great ideas.

They help make sure people won’t lose their masks each time they remove them to eat or drink. Thanks to lanyards, there’s no reason for anyone to be without a mask within easy reach each time.

Due to the pandemic, lanyards are no longer simply for holding eyeglasses, identification cards, and smartphones hands-free. They’re also for your safety and protection. Just like masks, lanyards come in many shapes and sizes.

It’s recommended that you get your hands on the right one so that you will be enticed to use it. Because of this, you can considerably lower your risk of ending up infected.

Opt for a Lightweight Material

Do you spend most of your time outdoors and where there are people around, some of which could be carriers of COVID-19? Then you should never be without a mask. You should also have a lanyard to make sure that you won’t lose it and become vulnerable.

Because of this, consider choosing a lanyard out of lightweight material. Otherwise, you may find it unpleasant to wear all the time due to the added weight.

However, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfectly fine to go for a lanyard with flimsy material. Just like a washable mask, washing your lanyard when it gets dirty is a must. Needless to say, it should be both lightweight and durable enough to withstand regular washing.

Look for a Breakaway Clasp

Especially if you are shopping for a mask lanyard for a child, it’s a wonderful idea to look for something that comes with a breakaway clasp. This is a safety feature that can be life-saving, especially among kids.

Just like what the name says, it’s a clasp that separates when the lanyard is pulled, caught, or snagged. So, in other words, the presence of a breakaway clasp helps keep strangulation risks at bay.

If you don’t want to risk it, you may also wear a lanyard with a breakaway clasp. Just opt for one that’s long enough or can be adjusted to your desired length.

Consider Personal Preferences

Lanyards for masks come in an assortment of colors. You can rest assured that there is one that will go very well with your personality and outfit of the day, too. Aside from functionality, it’s also important to consider your personal preferences when shopping for a lanyard. If you like it, then you will use it. This helps ensure that you won’t misplace your mask or accidentally place it on potentially contaminated surfaces.

Different people prefer different lanyard lengths. Check that the one you are about to put in your cart has an adjustable slider, which allows for trouble-free length adjustment.


Take your time when shopping for a lanyard for your mask. Buy something that is functional and suits your preferences, too, and you’re good!




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