Guided Bike Tours Tenerife


Tenerife is becoming an increasingly popular tourist hotspot since the island is awesome and the road network reaching almost 200 meters on sea level is ideal for a hike. Tour the island on a bike while you are in a mood to relax and explore the intricate details of the location. Look agencies that offer a Bike hire Tenerife, it’s time for you to ‘get -set- go’ for an awesome, exciting ride. Moreover, bike rides have got certain advantages over normal coach ride tours.

  • Restored connection with mother Earth:  Most of the time you spend an urban life while rushing off to the office in a car, working with a laptop, or being confined among an air-conditioned ambiance. Basically, you have very little time to be pampered by nature. While riding a cycle, you could be away from all your worries, beat the stress, and lower your pressure. Moreover, you are always from your work, competitive world, and be relieved of all your targets at work. Be with yourself and enjoy your time.

  • Unforgettable memories:  A ’groupfie’ with cyclists! Have you ever given a thought to it? Imagine a group, 7-8 persons having a similar mentality, and having the desire to explore the wonders of the world. Yes, a cycling tour is like framing some unforgettable memories. You may plan a cycle tour along with your family if all are healthy and strong. Explore the deep forests, or hike the rough mountains, a cycle tour will remind you of the happy hours spent. Plan for a bonfire while it’s time for an evening halt. More places can be covered while cycling and will cherish some good memories for years to come.

  • The best exercise:  Cycling is often regarded as the best exercise. Better than walking or trekking which might prove a bit heavy to your heart, cycling is exciting and entertaining. Suppose you want to explore a place; you can have your own flexibility by possessing a cycle. Cycling ensures you lose weight and remain strong at the same time. Moreover, it’s a fun factor. Imagine you can explore parts of a valley land by cycle and moving places, you will have all the pleasures of capturing your favorite moments, which were thought to be quite impossible from a moving car.

  • Causing a favor to Mother Earth: Well, while you are opting for a cycling tour, you are actually causing a favor to Mother Earth as there is no emission of carbon monoxide or other harmful gases. The green gas emission is almost zero. You are going back to the era when Earth used to be free of automobiles and pollution. Just imagine, if the majority of the tourist vehicles were garaged and travelers preferred touring on cycles rather than motors, there would have been no issues of pollution or global warming.

  • No hole in your wallet: While you are on a cycling tour, you are basically exploring zero-cost travel. Imagine the amount you will save, as it costs no extra fuel. When you are on a budget trip and have a lot of time in hand, exploring a cycle tour is the best. Intercity tours can be best achieved over a cycle. If you are a student or a group of friends on tour, a cycle trip is the best suggested.

While you cycle around Tenerife, there are some factors that you have to keep in mind and then finalize your itinerary.

1. Tour around the historical villages or Valle De la Orotava, which should be a must in your plan.

2. Avail a road bike tour in Tenerife along with a trainer, since the road is a bit rough compared to the urban’s.

3. There is a bike tour from Teide East to Tenerife.

4. Avail on the bike tour of Teide National Park from Peurto De La Cruz.

5. Get the electric boke on hire in case you want to explore the landscape without sweating too much.

6. Ride along the forest pathway in the North, which extends up to 85 km without any ramifications or a great challenge.

7. Cycle across the Pine forests of the South and the Black Volcanoes that stretch across the Northern part of the Island.

8. Track across the Pine forest of Vilaflor, which takes you across one of the villages located in the high altitude of Spain. You will come across the Forest Crown National Park, located across a particular pine forest.




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