Out-Of-The-Box Corporate Gift Ideas For Various Occasions


New Year is here! It is that time of the year to reminiscence the achievements and cherishes the joyous moments celebrated by the company and the employees. For the milestones achieved and to the employees who have walked the extra mile, they deserve a toast of cheer and gifts as a reward for their loyalty.

A loyal employee never runs out of reasons for receiving the best corporate gift. A right and relatable gift on their birthdays, work anniversaries or any corporate event motivates them immensely and makes them more dedicated towards the company. There are n-number of brands that have dominated the market of gift items for the events and have their bite of the cake.

However, corporate gift Singapore provides the most happening gift items in the world. Their gift items and ideas are uniquely crafted and help in maintaining a healthy and sound environment in the workplace. Such gifts refresh the employee’s minds and boost them to work more enthusiastically towards the company.

Having said that, the secret for entering into every employee’s good books is to understand their needs and interests. Remember, you are giving efforts for your own benefit, so don’t think of an easy way out of offering cash and satisfying them. You need to show and make them feel your appreciation and effectively increase their positivity, productivity, and morale.

However, a happy nod and cheerful smiles are what you should be expecting for your branded corporate gifts in Singapore. Here is the list of occasions and few gift ideas related to the occasion which will lit up the mood. Have a look….

Thank you gifts for the employee appreciation:

Your employees are your backbone to success, and you need to appreciate them for every timely milestone they have achieved & the outstanding results they have brought to the company. A heartfelt Thank you is a must that can help you go a long way with the current employee.

For appreciating them, you can show your gratitude with a value-additive and out-of-the-box gift idea, a Bluetooth speaker. It is a significant gift that they can use even at their homes as well as in the workplace. This portable speaker can be carried even while they are traveling to a rejuvenating destination and relax them better. Advanced Bluetooth speakers also allow them to make a conference call or receive a personal call at the same time. We are sure this will bring an everlasting smile to the employee’s face.

Employee’s Birthday Gifts:

A birthday is a special occasion where everyone loves feeling special and recognized. Hence for this particular occasion, the gift item should be thoughtful, which can connect emotionally with the employee. A personal touch over that particular gift can do wonders for the event.

It would be best if you can gift a custom photo frame with their favorite picture or a box of a customized chocolate box. An elegantly designed gift box will delicious chocolates and cookies are the best option for a birthday event. In the same thread, you can even think of gifting customized cakes or muffins to give the event an extra touch.

Cost-effective Gifts:

We don’t say that you should break your banks or strain the budget for selecting that perfect gift for the employees. Many times, for small events or as a token of appreciation, a budget-friendly gift with high quality also helps. Employees do appreciate practical gifts received on such occasions.

A few of the options are a customized mug or a t-shirt printed with the help of cheap printing services Singapore, or a mouse pad suits perfectly with the occasion. If you think of buying these gift articles in bulk, you will get a more reasonable price at a discounted rate.

If you are low on budget and can not afford to buy high-pricing gifts, we have a list for you too. You can think of business and credit card holders that will add an extra touch of style. It will not only comfort the employee but will build a better image of the brand. Another option on the list is the reversible iPad sleeve with a print over it. Neon colors are much in demand today, and yes, you can think of buying those covers in bulk. Your employees will love taking them abroad for the presentations and seminars.

A healthy option that is available on the list is a Fitbit belt. If your employee has run the extra mile, then it is the right time to make that extra mile count. A Fitbit belt is the most thoughtful gift on the cards, which even fits your budget constraint. This healthy gift will encourage the employees to remain active and exercise more regularly than ever before.

Another gift idea, a bit expensive but not like it will break your accounts That is,  you can get customized stationery products such as gifting a custom spiral notebook, notepad, cardholder, and a calculator. It is handy and you can also write tasks in the notebook which in turn would help in keeping tabs on all the office tasks

Customized apparel or a printed personalized hoodie can also go with the event. You can buy the apparel in bulk with different sizes and customize them later based on the event that you are planning to organize. Customized apparel can be worn formally as well as informally and would enhance the feel of the event.

Additionally, you can think of gifting an attractive personalized jute bag with a company’s logo or a quote. Such gifts will create a sense of equality and increase the effectiveness of the teamwork.

Surprise your employees at every event and make them feel special about working with you. If they are loyal, you need to value their loyalty. And we hope that you have got your answer about how to do it? Enjoy!




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