Ointments for Scars – The Best Healing Agent


Scars and scars can treat only superficial changes in the skin. Cosmetic surgery is important in cases of deep deformation. If there is a scar recently, regenerative topical preparations will help. With their help, scars can be removed after surgery, signs of acne and superficial burns. These drugs work locally to prevent the spread of connective tissue and improve tissue metabolism. You need to select the best scar gel to remove it.

The Best Practice:

All skin diseases are divided into different types:

  • Normotrophic scar – A part of the skin that is damaged and slightly damaged. It is characterized by a clear complexion and a horizontal position relative to the rest of the skin. It is easy to eliminate using local remedies.
  • Atrophy – Different shades of pink, texture, and position relaxed below the level of the skin. A striking example of such scars is the texture of the postpartum skin or the scar removed after the removal of warts and tendons. It is necessary to eliminate these defects using electrophoresis in silicon and silica gel.
  • The hypertrophic scars have a massive texture and a blue-red color which allows them to be clearly distinguished on the skin. This tumor is dense and can be painful or itchy. In this case, a global approach is needed: recovery, plastic surgery, and then absorbent treatment.

To eliminate each group of tumors, there is the strongest effect of one’s own drugs.


Corrective action is taken in Switzerland or Turkey. The active substance is food cassol. This tool is used for the resorption of superficial skin lesions. The drug increases the regenerative capacity and has an antibacterial effect. It can be used to remove post-surgical scars and burn marks.

Apply Madecassolum twice daily with first-aid skincare preservatives. The treatment lasts two months.


The active ingredient in the drug is a liquid onion extract and sodium heparin intended to eliminate small scars on the surface of the epidermis. Heat shrinkable tubular gels have a powerful regenerating effect that softens scar tissue and prevents connective tissue growth. The drug stimulates blood circulation, disinfects, and relieves inflammatory and allergic reactions.

To avoid further damage, apply the gel twice a day for 30 days. It takes longer to remove chronic scars from the abdomen and other parts of the body after surgery. To increase the therapeutic effect, it is also recommended to perform a steam treatment before applying the cream or performing an electrical treatment.

Contract management can be used during pregnancy and childhood. The only contraindication is the high sensitivity to the ingredients in the product.


In the United States, corrective measures strengthen the regenerative function of the skin used to fight skin tumors. The product (active is silicone) comes as a gel for perfect absorption.

It can be used to relieve the inflammatory process of wounds and scars that do not heal. Also used as a precaution. The gel is applied 2 to 4 times a day. The treatment lasts up to 6 weeks. You can use this medicine for pregnant women and children.


A versatile skincare product that eliminates scars, heals wounds, and brightens pigmentation. It contains natural ingredients (aloe extract, Japanese scented flower extract) and is only effective for mild scars.

This drug should be applied 2 to 3 times daily to the skin for 3 months.


The product is not only manufactured in gel form, but also in the form of injection. Solcoseryl (the active substance is a dialysate without the protection of burdock blood) can be used to treat dry and wet skin lesions, which can improve the skin’s ability to regenerate.

The drug should be applied to the scar three times a day. The treatment duration is 4 weeks to 4 months.

Zeraderm Ultra

A silicone formulation manufactured in the Netherlands forms a protective film at the application site. Active ingredients include silicones, coenzymes, and vitamins. This remedy is comparable to sunscreen and you can use cosmetics once you have applied it to your face.

Adults and children can use it immediately after complete healing of the wound. This product should be used twice a day. The duration of treatment is two weeks and the drug will help eliminate skin defects.


The main active ingredients of the drug are onion extract, silica gel, and coenzyme. Scarastetic softens scars, makes them less visible, and stimulates the formation of healthy skin cells.

This cream is suitable for post-operative, post-traumatic, and post-burn scarring. They have to scrape the scar 4 times a day by rubbing. The treatment lasts up to 4 months. In some cases, it may turn red.


Compared to other scarves, Scarguard has the advantage of being able to apply decorative cosmetics after drying. The instrument is intended for use by children, but it is best to reject it during pregnancy or during breastfeeding. This medication should be given twice a day. The duration of the course is from one month to six months.




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