Miami Logistics and Home Architecture Trends of 2019


One of the most popular new things happening in Miami, as well as all over the world in 2019 is the use of making homes out of shipping containers. Miami’s logistics have shown that there is actually a rise, but with more than ninety-five percent of international cargo getting shipped in new shipping containers, this helps to keep the prices low on them, and then they can be converted easily (once they’re used and just sitting idle) to other facets like office buildings, workshops, mobile buildings, and even larger homes.

You can even build a million-dollar dream house, and if you don’t believe that, you can look online and see that there are even houses worldwide made of shipping containers that cost that much!

Why Shipping Containers?

Well, for starters, their durability and cost-effectiveness is much better than traditional materials. Shipping container walls are extremely durable, and can even withstand hurricanes and tornadoes, while the average brand new sheet of metal that you’re going to use (without being multi-layered and insulated) aren’t meant or designed to deal with heavy abuse. Shipping containers are primarily made of high-grade steel, and they’re virtually unbreakable.

At the same time, they’re completely customizable. If you’re getting a shipping container, you can literally convert the size that you need, and fastened it together. They are also extremely diverse because you can literally hollow out a shipping container and just use it as a building all by itself, by cutting out windows, and other things that you may want to utilize. This is actually extremely popular for things like “mobile” offices (very widely used by contracting companies, office buildings, and more), and even just portable workshops.

Aren’t they Used for Storage?

While true, shipping containers are still widely used for home storage, they’re becoming a hot item that is being bought and used as storage sheds on personal property in Miami. You’ll need to know what size you’re going to need so you can maximize your budget on it, and know exactly what you’re going to use the storage unit for, but the great thing about having a storage unit is that it is often just considered personal property by many residences (you may have to check with your local ordinances), and even states rather than being flagged as an additional building to your home, so it can save you on taxes that you have to pay in as well.


With so many benefits that you can get when it comes to building a home, storing your own goods, or even having an extra “building” aside from having to build a durable garage or workshop, you can literally use a shipping container for almost anything. While a shipping container to store your things has itsadvantages using a storage units St George Utah company also has its plusses Another plus side to having a shipping container is that once you pay a shipping container off, it can actually save you thousands of dollars, and still give you all of the benefits of having quality materials. These Miami, Florida conex boxes also are completely pre-built, so you don’t have to worry about the hard part of putting it together or hire a contractor to simply use it.


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