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Do you take proper care of your roof? Not many homeowners do. However, maintenance is crucial for expanding its lifespan and avoiding costly repairs. In order for it to show no signs of damage, you should clean it regularly, perform shingles inspection, remove moss and algae, clean the gutters, and look for potential leaks.

The moment you notice signs of severe deterioration, it’s time to ask for professional assistance. The largest part of top-rated roofers in Mays Landing provides homeowners with a wide range of installation, repair, and replacement services.

Make sure you try some of these professional maintenance tips by Mays Landing roofers.

Clean the roof regularly

Debris removal is of crucial importance for the longevity of your roof, which is why cleaning should be practiced regularly. The amount of debris is particularly substantial in the winter and fall periods when the piles of leaves and snow threaten to cause damage in the form of cracked shingles, as well as algae and moss growth.

In order to prevent such deterioration, it’s paramount for homeowners to check their roofing structure for debris after storms or periods of bad weather conditions. Given the height of these structures, homeowners are advised to be on the safe side by using a ladder and waiting for dry weather. Shingles are known to be extremely slippery when moist, thus requiring you to wait for them to get dry before debris removal.

Inspect your shingles

Another useful roofing maintenance tip is performing a regular inspection of roof shingles. Considering their constant exposure to weather elements, it’s no wonder shingles should be inspected each season, particularly after harsh winds and storms. If you don’t have a head for heights, make sure you use binoculars to check for potential signs of damage.

For instance, you’re supposed to look for missing, cracked, peeling, or curling shingles. High winds are known to be their greatest enemies, causing them to loosen, fall off, or crack. Also, make sure you check if any of them are covered in moss or lichen, which is a clear sign of roofing material decay. Go to this page to check out some helpful tips about replacing damaged shingles.

Remove moss, lichen, and algae

Apart from removing debris, homeowners are also advised to treat their roofs against moss, lichen, and algae. These are particularly likely to develop during the summer months in areas that aren’t exposed to the sun. The growth of such plants is detrimental to the lifespan of roofs, as these allow water to penetrate the roofing structure.

Once you notice any of these fungi growing on your roof, you can either have them removed by a professional or get rid of them by yourself. When handling the removal process on your own, make sure you spray the roof with a combination of water and bleach. Afterward, you’re advised to use zinc and copper products to impede these harmful substances from growing again.

Clean the gutters

Gutters are of essential importance for the health of your roof, as these ensure no water or debris affect its condition. Anyhow, in order for the gutters to perform their protective job, they’re supposed to be clean of dirt, debris, and leaves. Bear in mind that clogged gutters are known as one of the most common causes of leaks and structural deterioration.

Additionally, homeowners dwelling in houses with trees nearby are strongly advised to clean their gutters as much as twice a year, both in late spring and early fall. If you live in a region that gets regularly hit by hurricanes, the gutters should be cleaned every four months. The following link,, explains the best way to clean gutters.

Look for leaks

Given the frequent nature of roof leaks, homeowners are supposed to be vigilant for any signs of leakage. Experiencing a musty smell, noticing water stains on the ceiling, as well as spots on the exterior walls is a clear sign of water damage. Once you come across these signs, make sure you contact a roofing contractor to locate and repair the leak.

Final thoughts

Your roof deserves attention and proper care.

It’s worth the time!


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