Matias Tactile Pro Review


Matias Tactile Pro for Mac is praised by Matias as one of the best and easiest-to-use mechanical keyboards. It comes in an attractive package, packed well. The first and only thing you’ll notice is the organized and ergonomic design of this mechanical keyboard as you open the box. This mechanical keyboard has more sensitive Alp switches than MX cherry switches. You’ll note the plastic body’s fine glossy finish and sturdy buildup which is popular for Matias Tactile Pro. It utilizes the very same premium keyswitch tech that is commonly used by Apple from its original keyboard.

Top Notch

This model is, with a plastic construct, more durable than previous Matias models. The finish looks very good and the keyboard is brilliant. The switches ‘ color is off-white but the remaining component is pure white which looks a bit odd. With laser-etched keycaps Matias included the best quality keys here. The gap between the keys is good but the keys end up stuck in some way. It’s a construct issue and not the keys.

Switches of Matias Tactile Pro for Mac

The Alps Mechanical Switches may well allow you to manipulate screen brightness, iTunes volume, and other things that Matias’s former designs did not offer. There is an Fn key that will allow you to reset the function keys to their usual functionality for the moment. The Numpad has a new model for a much more convenient tab key that trades number lock. The keyboard number is easy to access and will be useful when entering details. One of the disadvantages of this mechanical keyboard is the click damping feature. As already mentioned, the switches seem to be spinning and stick. They’re extremely loud on this keyboard, especially if you compare it to Mac’s Matias Quiet Pro.

Keycap Quality

Keycap quality is a bit of a problem in Matias Tactile Pro for Mac. In keyboards, there is indeed the latest trend where the keys are typically flat and wide, with very little or no gap between them. But, for Mac, the keys are not smooth in Matias Tactile Pro, and they are sculpted like traditional ones. They are the best fit for your fingertips and absolve them from sliding down.

Overall Design of the Mechanical Keyboard

Matias Tactile Pro’s interface for Mac is quite good, as it has more keys and functions in the traditional ANSI Mac style. The greatest thing about this mechanical keyboard design is that it isn’t clustered needlessly with tags and brand recognition. The symbols are strategically positioned, and keyboard curvature makes it more ergonomic. There really are three USB 2.0 ports through which two are placed on either side of the keyboard and one is placed on the backside. Tactile Pro has a classic design overall, with keys systematically arranged and ample blank spaces on the keyboard.

Introducing Alps keys is a good value applied by Matias instead of Cherry MX ones. Nevertheless, the hassle that you face when typing due to key sticking is irritating, particularly because of the product’s high price Generally, Mac’s Matias Tactile Pro also remains a great mechanical keyboard for Mac users. It works well with PC, as well. This keyboard offers Corsair and Razer decent competition when it comes to gaming. If you’re hunting for a keyboard upgrade or Mac replacement, that’s certainly worth a shot. This is one of the few keyboards specifically designed for Mac users-its feature keys and appearance are great for Mac users. Would be even better if paired with one of the best electric standing desk converter sold in the market. For more of these products, just visit Jestik.




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