6 Simple Steps to Creating Popular Online Videos

With the advent of video sites such as YouTube, most organizations now realize you can provide valuable video information, in order to increase views and subscribers by buying YouTube likes and subscribers.

Given that YouTube receives 60 hours of video content each minute, it is more important than ever that companies create remarkable, original content that helps people.  No longer can companies create ego-stroking video content that’s all about them.  Now, it’s all about what the buyer wants.  This means showing them that you understand their problems and how to solve them.

So to get your video shared and liked more, here are five steps:

1. Know your audience – Work out what the problems are and uncover up-to-date topics that would interest them.  For example, if you are in safety, you would want to address any concerns your prospects have with upcoming changes to workplace laws. Using the German word “zeitgeist” meaning “spirit of the time”, how can you sync your ideas to the zeitgeist?

2. Use buyer-centric language – When talking specifically about your product, speak directly to your audience.   Use words like “you”, rather than “we”.  Avoid using words that are about your company.   For example: “having the touchpad here will allow you to easily make calls at your desk” rather than “we designed the touchpad here so that it can be easily accessible”.  Instead of talking about how great you are and why your rock, use language that refers to “this is how we help you”.

3. Provide value – Work out what information you can “give away” that actually signals to prospects your amazing knowledge and that you’re not just trying to sell.  Sure your competition will check out what you’re doing and might even copy, but the most important thing is that you give away valuable information consistently.

4. Show your brand at the end– In the opening sequence of a video, the first things viewers focus on, are the actors’ mouths and eyes.  And logos.  But not in a good way.  The more distinguished the logo, the more likely viewers are to stop watching.

The first 15 seconds of an ad or video is crucial in getting attention and commitment to watch. People have an unconscious aversion to being sold to, so if they see a logo, they resist being persuaded and tune out.

5. Tell a story – Stories provide a way to get prospects to emotionally engage with your information.  However, this is a totally different mindset for businesses.  Often, business people believe that they need to be left-brained about how they convey information by supplying lots of facts and figures.  But the truth is humans are more open to information that is talked about in a story format.  It enables people to see how the information relates to them. It’s also really important for charities.  After all, studies show that showing victims talking about their issues receives more donations than a voiceover talking about the plight of a group of people.  This is why the video we created below for Sporting Chance, had a cancer survivor talking rather than capitalizing on the popularity of sports stars asking for donations.

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