Massagers for Loose Back: How to Choose One?


If you are looking for a way to alleviate loose back syndrome, we can give you a helping hand. Since studies have shown that non-surgical solutions can help you treat the symptoms, we’ve compiled a guide on choosing a back massager. In combination with a decent neck massager for elderly, it can improve blood circulation, provide relief to your stiff muscles, and make your posture better. Take a look at the peculiarities of these devices and think about picking one to leave lower back pain behind your back.

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Loose Back Syndrome: Why Are Massagers Helpful?

This spinal condition occurs when one of the bones of spine slips out of space onto the vertebra under  it. It is a common condition among adults, especially the elderly. Back pain can happen for various reasons, among which are inactivity, improper lifting, and normal wear.

It is well-known that a quality hands-on massage plays a vital role in diminishing back pain. However, a good back massager can also provide pain relief and relaxation without the necessity for in-person interaction. If you are looking for this handy device, there are some tips you need to know. Let’s examine them below.

Guide on Choosing a Top-Notch Back Massager

These smart devices come with an extensive range of various functions and characteristics. Here are the basic features you have to take into account to decide which tool will be suitable for you.

1.   Look at the shape

The shape of your massager determines the place you’ll be able to treat. An S-shaped tool might not give the fullest range of motions to reach your low back. This is a parameter that directly impacts the future convenience of use.

2.   Pick a suitable size

The dimensions of the device influence the area of your body it will cover. If you want a portable massager, a large size is not the best option to look for.

3.   Think about which weight fits your needs

Consider the weight of the product in the manufacturer’s description as it can be a deciding criterion. If you choose gun or wand massagers, you’ll have to hold them in place for some time to treat your back. If the item is too heavy, it might be challenging to hold it for long.

4.   Choose between electric and non-electric tools

Think about whether you want a portable massager or prefer to use it for home massage. A non-electric device usually requires more pressure on the back.

5.   Consider the nodes

When choosing between various back massagers, take into account the number of massage nodes and their sizes. This factor is important for you to understand the proximity of back coverage you can expect.

6.   Give preference to devices with a wand

Wand massagers are more suitable for handheld procedures. These tools help you control the intensiveness of your massage.

7.   Auto Shut Down is a bonus

This safety feature protects you and your back massager from overheating. However, don’t opt for the tool with a short-term auto shut down. It might take you some time to reach the source of your pain, so the device can accidentally stop in the middle of the massage session.

Back Pain Relief: Achievable With a Good Massager

We hope now you don’t feel overwhelmed by the abundance of options on the market. Follow the guide above and make a well-thought decision.




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