Buying Dancing Shoes: Things to Consider


Feet make the dancer, that’s a fact. Therefore, irrespective of the style you’re polishing, the choice of dancing shoes is of the greatest importance. Whether it’s about ballet, high heels, or exotic pole dance, quality shoes are among your absolute necessities if you want to progress as a dancer. If you’re on the prowl for comfortable heels for dancing, you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, we’ll cover the aspects to consider when shopping for the best-suiting dancing shoes. Stay tuned. 

Here’s a brief outline of what to take into account prior to shopping for the best dancing shoes for you:

  • sizing;
  • pricing;
  • style;
  • color and material;

Now, let’s move on to the details.

1. Proper Fitting & Size

Top-level dance shoes make all the difference. Hands down, you don’t want sloppy heels with too much grip, shoes with not enough grip, and similar fitting issues, for they may result in health-threatening foot slips. With that said, look for dance shoes that offer the most comfortable fitting for your foot size. If you’re on the fence about how to pinpoint the perfect sizing for you, order on the smaller side as opposed to going big. The logic is simple: dancing heels are prone to stretching out. 

2. Your Budget & Pricing 

You want durable dance shoes that will last you long-term. Yes, quality may result in higher prices, but that’s the only smart way for you to save your money. Typically, prices range from $70 to about $300. Factors that influence the price are usually as follows:

  • material type and quality;
  • how well the shoes were made;
  • where they were crafted.

3. Your Dancing Style

Let’s take exotic pole dance, for example. If you prefer exotic hard, you’ll most likely need durable 8-inch boots that will last you a lot longer than a few pole tricks you’ll attempt in them. If you’re more into exotic flow, mirror-platform or rose gold glittery 9- or 10-inches are your best bet. Long story short, when you’re a beginner dancer, start with the basic shoes for your style. As you progress, you will gain enough knowledge and experience to make informed decisions about the best dance shoes for your favorite style and manner. 

4. Color & Material

These criteria are perfect for expressing your personal style. Pink is romantic, red is passionate and attention-grabbing, gold is luxurious, while black is plain everyday-stylish. With regard to the most preferred material on the dancing scene, it’s — surprise, surprise! — leather. Quality leather heels tend to stretch and mold to the shape of your feet as you dance your way to success.

Bottom Line: Quality Is Key

Your new dance heels may look gorgeous and classy, but that won’t mean a thing if they are low-quality. Therefore, look for a pair that excels in bringing you sufficient comfort, support, performance, and protection. Leave a reply in the comment box below if you have anything to add to the topic. Your feedback is highly appreciated here.




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