Making Pet Importation to Singapore Easier and Faster


There are many ways to import pets into Singapore, but it may seem more complex than it may seem. Every pet needs a permit, and permits can take up to 6 months to be issued. The process is so complicated that airlines want to avoid anything to do with this paperwork headache.

Luckily, some steps you can take will make the whole thing a lot easier for your pets and you! To avoid all the troubles and ensure the safe transition of your pets, you can always get in touch with professional pet relocation services. Let’s take a look a look at a few tips to make pet relocation easier for you:

  • Get Your Pet Micro-chipped & Vaccinated

This is the first step; make sure that your pet is microchipped. The chip can be done at any vet clinic and cost you less than $20. It’s a small price to pay for ensuring that you can find your wayward critter if they should escape or get lost, and it also makes entering Singapore all the easier.

In addition, make sure that all of the vaccinations for your pets are up to date and include rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and leptospirosis. Also, get deworming medications from your vet.

  • Get Your Pet to a Veterinarian

A veterinarian must issue all pet IDs. So make sure you call at least two weeks before you come to Singapore, and allow for at least two weeks of quarantine from your flight date. If you are on an international airline, you may want a temporary registration certificate to complete the registration process when you arrive in Singapore. You can find out more about pet relocation to Singapore by visiting

  • What You Need for Pet Importation

It would help if you had the following for your pets to be considered for importation:

  • Transport documents – Air waybill (AWB) for air travel, shipping documents for sea travel, etc.
  • A Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian in your destination country. (Should be a valid certificate for the entire period of stay in the destination country)
  • Your pet’s passport/visa or any of the above three items together with your pet’s passport/ visa.

Additionally, it’s always best to check if your pet’s breed is allowed in Singapore. You can consult professional pet relocation or local authorities to find more.

  • Pet Permits

As per Chiang Rai Times, once you have all the above, you can apply for a pet permit to enter or stay in Singapore. You should first check if the license is needed for re-entry into Singapore. A permit is generally required to travel to another country with your pet after entering Singapore. Pets brought into Singapore should be quarantined for some time before relocating them. The quarantine period depends upon the pet’s medical history and country of origin.

To Sum Up!

In summary, there are many ways to import pets into Singapore. However, to avoid facing all the troubles of documentation and rules, it’s best to hire pet relocation services to take care of pet transportation. It is more challenging than it seems, but yes with sufficient preparation and the help of professional pet relocation services, it is possible!




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