How to Plan a Bounce House Rental This Season


Planning outdoor parties is not as simple as it sounds. You’ll need to look into things like feeding people, booking entertainment options, decorations, and minute details to remember. These days, bounce house rentals are a trend. According to an article published in Entrepreneur, bounce houses are inflatable fun games that kids and grown-ups like to spring around. These inflatable rentals are available in varied sizes, themes, colors, and shapes.
Though such events are fun-filled it’s not easy to make them successful without some hassles in the process. So, if you’re planning an inflatable rental, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

Inflatable rentals require blowers and power

Rebounding in bounce houses is possible with the help of a blower. Again, the blowers will need electrical power. It means that you need to check whether an external power outlet is working fine or not. In case, there is no power outlet, you will have to ask for a generator from the bounce house rental company. It is as simple as that.
If a generator isn’t available, inform the rental agency so that they can arrange for more extension cords. It will help the electrical power to run from your house indoors to the bounce house setup area. Prevent circuit tripping by ensuring that the outlet is within the range of 100 ft from the blower. Usually, a 20-ampere dedicated circuit should be used.

Make sure you have sufficient space

When you plan to install a bounce house on your front lawn or backyard, ensure you have adequate space for the event. You will get bounce houses measuring 15 ft by 5 ft. Make the best use of a trusty tape measure to assure that you have a minimum of 20 ft in two directions. It is essential to leave some space between your fence and you if you require getting around or behind the bounce house once the same is inflated. For more details about inflatable rentals, look up websites like Bounce across Texas of Austin.
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Know the local rules

Before planning an event, you need to learn about the local laws. Read through all rules and guidelines before booking any inflatable rental. You need to ask questions like:

  • Are inflatables permitted in the local park?
  • Are water rides allowed?
  • Is there any need for more liability or insurance for bounce house rentals or rides?

These are some basic questions you need to ask before renting a bounce house rental. These points are extremely essential. That’s because if the rental agency you hire has legal liability and insurance coverage, including an extra insured person is easy. Provide a notice a week before the processing. The coverage will protect the community park if there is any disagreement or accident.


If you follow these guidelines religiously while renting a bounce house, your event will be fun-filled and without hassles.




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