Learn How You Need to Dispose Your Batteries in the Right Way


You must know that disposing of batteries in the right way is essential as these are recycled to be used again in the future. Then, many people don’t know how to dispose of them so that our environment isn’t harmed in the process. The real problem is when people don’t know how to dispose of rechargeable cells that are quite similar. You also need to be aware of the local laws for disposing of your batteries safely. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, for things such as batteries, propane tanks, or light bulbs, there may be a local program to help you dispose of cells in a dumpster. Read on to learn more. 

Is throwing batteries in a trash bin safe? 

Unless you’re from California where throwing batteries in a trash bin is severely forbidden, you can dispose of single-use batteries in the trash. Other batteries shouldn’t be thrown into trash bins because they have harmful and toxic elements such as mercury. That’s why after proper laws were in place, most battery manufacturers need to conform to the local rules and regulations and changed the composition of batteries. 

You can throw batteries used in kid’s toys as well as remote control gadgets in the trash. Then, as a responsible citizen, you must dispose of all batteries properly in a dumpster. 

What will happen if you throw rechargeable batteries?

No, you cannot throw rechargeable cells just like that as it’s rigidly prohibited by state laws. That’s because these cells could be recycled for use in the future. Unlike single-cell batteries, you’re not supposed to shell out a dime if you take these batteries to the nearby recycling center. Otherwise, you can dispose of the cells in a private or community dumpster, which is the right thing to do. You can inquire from Buckeye Disposal of Toledo for more information about disposing of rechargeable batteries. For the location, you can click here:

The best way to dispose of batteries

To know about the ideal way to dispose of batteries, you need to learn about the best practices for doing so. Once you are aware of this, all your problems are solved. Here are some basic rules to get rid of rechargeable cells: 

Take a roll of non-conductive tape which is also transparent. Wrap the tape around the battery terminals to prevent any kind of shock. This is the best disposal method when you want to throw huge car batteries and things like that. The tapes last for a long time and so it’s worth keeping them handy. 

If you want to throw high-power cells, use quality cardboard shoe boxes. Amazon boxes are best for this purpose. You may wait for about six months to accumulate all the batteries that need to be disposed of safely in a dumpster. You can put all the batteries in a box and dispose of them. 


Keep these ideas in mind when you want to throw batteries in a dumpster. It will keep the environment safe from toxic materials.




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