Is The NMI Gateway a Great Alternative to

Date: and NMI (Network Merchants) are gateway payment systems.  Merchants utilize them from all over the globe for a variety of payment options to make their business and personal transactions run smoothly.  Businesses and consumers everywhere are benefitting from what these system provide for them, enabling ecommerce and in-person credit card transactions to safely and easily take place all over the world.

The Similarities Between And NMI

Both of these payment gateways provide a very reasonably priced service.  For a monthly fee (of less than $50), and a small charge per transaction, a business owner is able to easily streamline and automate payment transactions.  They will have access to recurring billing, virtual terminals, and fraud protection, just to name a few.  They are both easy to integrate, with robust  API’s.  Here is a list of the similarities between the NMI Gateway and

  1. Fraud Protection – The two-offer excellent fraud protection.
  2. Recurring Billing – This option is there for automating subscription payments.
  3. Virtual Terminal – Convenience is what the virtual terminal provides for clients. The virtual terminal is available anywhere you can online at any time that a merchant would need to use it.
  4. Shopping Cart Integration – These options offer the ability to implement a shopping cart that will work for their particular needs. It makes all types of transactions run smoother.
  5. QuickBooks Integration – QuickBooks has become one of the most popular bookkeeping apps in use today. Having the ability to integrate with QuickBooks is a plus offered by both and NMI.
  6. Payment Buttons – A payment button offers the convenience of submitting a transaction with a click of a button on a merchant website or emailed invoice. Since a payment button allows for transactions to be completed easily and almost instantly, it’s a popular feature that both gateways offer.

Differences Between and the NMI Payment Gateway

The differences between the two gateways include varying reporting options. Custom reporting is only available with and not with NMI. Custom reporting allows NMI customers to add their own custom branding. This feature becomes crucial, especially when you are a business, and you need to provide billing, sales, etc. reports to your customer. Apart from that, with the help of custom reporting, you can include or exclude certain fields that you might feel are not necessary to be included in the report.

Other options that offers to its customers are inventory management and level 3 processing. Inventory management is essential for any company that is involved in dealing with physical products, as it enables them to monitor their inventory adequately and ensure an efficient business flow. As for level 3 processing, it is something that B2C or B2B businesses do not need to be concerned about, on the other hand, if you are an entity that needs to handle larger purchases related to corporate or government services, it is recommended to upgrade to level 3 payment processing. By moving to level 3 processing, companies can save a lot of money by optimizing interchange rates.

Utilizing either gateway can have good benefits while doing business.  Having a good payment system gateway is important in completely business in a world that is based on the global industry.  Online business dealings need to occur in a fast and productive way so that profits can be made on a regular basis at all times.




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