Is the iPhone SE still the Best Small Screen Phone?


The iPhone is still king when it comes to mobile phones. The handset is a dream phone for many people with many saving up to get their hands on one. iPhone enthusiasts do their best to upgrade phones when a new model is released so that they are always ahead of the pack. Nevertheless, some older iPhone models are still popular even after their production was discontinued. The iPhone SE is one such model that continues to be sought after even after it made a brief comeback in early 2015 in limited edition.

Best features of iPhone SE

The popularity of the iPhone SE is based on the many features that set it apart from other smartphones in similar categories. The features may be many, but some stand out for those that give the Apple phone a high rating. Some of these unique features are highlighted below.

Timeless design

The four-inch screen of the iPhone SE is one of the most distinctive features of the handset and has made it popular since its release. Its squared sides and refined edges give a classic look that makes you stare every time you hold the iPhone SE. The front and back of the phone are smooth and lack the bump at the camera area that is common with new iPhones in the market.  The 12MP camera is seamlessly integrated into the back of the phone on the top left side. Additionally, the design has a jack that allows phone users to plug in headphones when listening to different types of audio.

Use of touch ID

Touch ID is the security feature added onto the iPhone SE by Apple to ensure the user of the smartphone is protected. The first-generation sensor ensures that the activities are done on the phone go on without any hindrance. Phone users are required to select the information on the iPhone that can only be accessed after touching the screen with the designated finger. Although the iPhone SE has a small screen, it does not affect the use of the Touch ID by different users.

Fast speeds

If you think the small size of the iPhone SE means that its performance is slow, you are mistaken. The Apple smartphone runs on an A9 system which ensures that everything runs seamlessly, even when several apps are running at the same time. On storage, the iPhone SE has 2GB RAM which can store files, photos and videos of various sizes without slowing it down. Also, when you compare iPhone 5s and se in terms of performance, the latter is found to be more efficient.

Extended battery life

Although the iPhone SE is an older model, it relates fairly well with modern iPhones when it comes to battery life. Buyers of the iPhone are assured of fourteen hours of talk time, thirteen hours of video playback, and twelve hours of internet usage. If you are looking for a low-key phone that you can use continuously without worrying about it dying on you, then the iPhone SE is worth a try.

Tips to get the most out of your iPhone SE

Although the iPhone SE is often lauded for its powerful performance and small screen, there are other ways in which users can get maximum value from the smartphone. Here are some tips to get the most from your iPhone.

Saving battery life

If you want to enjoy a longer battery life when using the iPhone SE, you need to activate the “Lower Power” mode. The mode which is under the battery settings disables several features in the background, thus reducing the amount of battery used. Some of the features that are disabled include animations and background syncing.

Taking live photos

The 12MP camera on the iPhone SE gives you to take clear photos that you can share with friends and family. Taking it a notch higher, the smartphone has a live feature that allows users to bring their pictures to life. Typically, the phone captures movement in the photo as well as audio for about three seconds.

Freeing up space

Filling up the space available on the iPhone SE is possible and may restrict the use of the Apple phone desired. Fortunately, freeing up space on the phone is possible with only a few steps that lead up to the iPhone storage settings. In the phone storage, you will see the apps, messages, photos taking up space on the phone. To free up space, you can delete those that have been highlighted as “never used.” Also, you can enable the “offload unused apps” option so that it automatically deletes apps that are not in use, thus providing extra space in the iPhone.

Securing private notes

Taking notes on your iPhone SE is a great way to record ideas and personal thoughts when on the go. To keep your notes away from prying eyes, you can block them by using a password or fingerprint so that access is limited. Furthermore, you can protect individual notes using different passwords to ensure no one else can read them. The password setting is under settings on the phone is easy to activate.

Calling using Wi-Fi

Most smartphones are unable to make calls once they lose connection with their cellular signal. However, with the iPhone SE, you can make calls over an available Wi-Fi network if your carrier allows it. To check if the feature is available on your mobile phone, go to phone settings then Wi-Fi calling, and proceed to activate the Wi-Fi calling on this phone tab. If the words “Wi-Fi” appear next to the name of your carrier on the screen, then you can make calls.

Overall, the iPhone SE still tops the list when it comes to handsets with small screens. The apple product is rich in features and convenient settings that make its use enjoyable for users. Whether you are an Apple fan or want to try out any of their products for the first time, the iPhone SE is worth checking out.




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